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I didn't own a DS, as the 3DS is my first portable but Pokemon Pearl would technically be my first!

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The Super Mario 64 remake. And a game called Asphalt, which was pretty cool.

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Super Mario 64 DS

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Animal Crossing: Wild World<3

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SM64 and pokemon dash and sonic rush i got all them on the same day plus a blue ds



1st Spider man friend or foe 2nd sm64 3rd phantom hourglass 4th pokemon diamond 5th Mario party DS

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My first was Animal Crossing Wild World (I bought the system just to get that game when it came out!!). I also got 2 other games that day: Lunar (sold immediately - and before opening, due to very bad reviews), and Boggle/Battleship/Yahtzee/Monopoly, which is VERY rare now.

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Animal Crossing: Wild World, or Nintendgs- I'm not sure. It was the first post-GBA game I played and before I even had a DS :3

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42 All Time Classics (Or as you American folk call it, Clubhouse Games)

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My first game- Drawn to life
<3 good and bad memories from that

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Just swinging by to give WarioWare: Touched! some love.



MarioTheLegend wrote:

My first game- Drawn to life
<3 good and bad memories from that

Yeah, it's pretty underrated. Don't get all the hate to it.

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I jumped on board the DS mega Train with New Supe Mario Bros which I picked up with a White DS Lite itself around it's launch period back in college. Now, i never got a hold of the original DS, so the ultra bright screens and the rich vibrant colors that leaped off the screen of the DS Lite instantly blew me away, the same can be said for the revolutionary touch screen controls. I was used to the original GBA, so to actually beable to see portable games with that amount of brightness and 'not' having to use a bloody worm light or a lamp itself akwardly hovering over the screen which caused messy uneven lighting and reflections.... was a break through in portable gaming for me....And no, i never bothered with the GBA SP. It may have a front light, but the colors are washed out, the contrast is kind of weak and the brightness itself doesn't compare to the DS Lite's.

Also, is it me or does the DS Lite produce better vibrant and rich colors in comparison to the 3DS?

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Castlevania Order of Ecclesia Got this game by the time it came out even before I purchased the DSi. I'd say it was the best portable CV game and had arguably the best character art of any game in the series. The Sprites were beautifully fluid, the attack mechanic in the game was really well integrated and it proved to be a challenge considering the past games were tame on the difficulty rating. Playing this gets me pumped up for the next CV game for the 3DS... but then I remembered it plays like Lords of Shadow in 2D.

Literally speaking, the first DS game I played was Metroid Prime First Hunt. That forgotten Metroid game (demo?) that was bundled with the original DS phat. When I tried it out back at 2005, I was really impressed at how they managed to fit polygons in a handheld.

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My first title was:
Another Code: Two Memories / Trace Memory - it was one of my seven titles i bought with my first Classic DS (but it was the most important I wanted to play). And it still is one of my favorite game (along with other Cing titles) in DS library :]

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Launch period DS buyer, and I was still a sheep of a gamer back then, so Super Mario 64 DS was my first.



Nintendogs for me. Played it for hours on end.

No regrets!

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I bought super scribblenauts and Tetris ds when I bought the 3DS.



Mario &Luigi:Partners in time. Now THAT was an mario rpg! It was a worthy sequel to ss.

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