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In celebration of their live action video on tricking me into watching a video of chickens running around in order to see four seconds of gameplay, I humbly present this hype topic two and a half weeks before it's August 11 NA release date.


Gameplay video (warning, even their gameplay trailer contains no actual gameplay in the first 30 seconds):

As far as i can tell it looks like an interesting and fun Pac-Man game with 10 "magnificent" boss fights.

Seems to also feature 80 stages across several worlds, variety of enemies, lots of easter eggs, a ridiculously hyper wildcat who is kind of a jerk to everyone else, and two playable characters? [800 points]

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would got it at 500..800 seems way overpriced im sort of shocked only 2 games coming out on july 28

nintendo has games listed all the way up to aug 18 now



That looks really cool, you don't see too many platformers presented from a top-down 2D perspective like that. If it was 500 points I'd have downloaded it instantly, but for 800 points I'll probably wait for impressions.

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It looks good from what I've seen. I only have some reservations about the control scheme. I'd imagine dpad would be best, but would I need to hit buttons to capture and jump too? As long as it's not touch screen only, it should play well. I may not wait for a review to purchase this one actually.

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That actually looks pretty good and it looks quite challenging too but as others have said, 800 points seems a bit steep so I'll wait for impressions and reviews.


I love the art style and the animations... it looks really fun. The main character looks like a scamp as well. I will be getting this methinks.

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800 way too high 500 maybe 200 day 1



I bought the game and played it for twenty minutes or so. It's good fun and has awesome art and animations.

The gameplay is really simple, you press b to jump, a to attack and r to dash. The goal of the game is to hit enemies and get them to chase you and feed them to a plant, you've got to keep moving though and you can only chain up to six at a time. It gets difficult though once obstacles are introduced such as spike pits, gates that need to be opened and one way gateways... also the enemies can get dangerous dropping some form of organic mine.

It's really fun but relatively one track. 800 points might be a bit steep but I'm enjoying it so far.

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First of all sorry for the double post.

Okay, I take the comment about it being a bit steep back. The game is structured like a platformer with 9(or 10?) worlds, each with seven levels and a boss, there's a surprising amount of environmental variety as well. I'm part way through world 2 and I've spent over an hour on it and the levels are getting longer, more complex and more dangerous.

It also can't be stated enough how beautiful this game is. The sprite work is fantastic and looks great on my 3DS screen and the animation is superb, it has a classic cartoony look to it.

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Sounds great, Oregano! Sounds like a must download for me

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I got the game and I'm enjoying it so far.
It get's kinda tricky the further you get into the game. Especially when you try getting several enemies chasing you at once while at the same time avoiding obtacles. The music also fits well.

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There's no love for Kokopolo on the Nintendo eShop

The games fantastic existence is only located at the recent arrival section.

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Looking back, it's a bit silly that many people (including myself) were hung up over it being 800 points. The amount of depth, polish and content included puts many retail DS games to shame.



Should I buy it? Obviously I don't need to to play the sequel but since they're going to have completely different levels and everything would it be worth it?

Edit: Sigh... Yet another download not in Australia.

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