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I dont really like RPG style games. But i actually like the sound of electroplankton. I wasnt specifically looking for a puzzle game, just a game that i can pick up, play, and put down again without having to worry about finishing something when i need to stop playing. With electroplankton, i wouldnt have to wait and save my game first, i could just turn it straigh off, at least i dont think you actually have to save anything. But thanks for your suggestions anyways

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I do have a DSi, but i'm gonna sell it on ebay soon anway. I also have a 3DS though, so i suppose i could try one on the eshop. I've heard that Varvoice is the worst one, i read the individual reviews, and i think id like the rest. Still, downloading them all would work out as £16.20 (minus Varvoice) so i should probably look for it cheaper on the internet.



Mickeymac wrote:

Good luck. Electroplancton actualy goes for a lot in the States.

This is true, although I think it might be coming down in price (I've noticed that with a few games, actually - perhaps as a result of the 3DS coming on the market?).

I managed to snag a CIB, almost like new (a few scratches on the plastic of the case) copy for $40 from eBay. Admittedly, that was one of the cheaper ones, but it's a far cry from the $60+ it was going for a while ago.

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Huh. Well, there you go!

I used to have a blog link here. I'll put it back up when the blog has something to read.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but DS games aren't region-locked unless they're DSi-enhanced games (black cartridge), even if played on a 3DS. So, provided shipping isn't that expensive, couldn't an Electroplankton import be cheaper than DSiWare provided you're interested in all 10 of them?

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Could we get back on to the subject rather than argue about Electroplankton? I'm not sure you can even call it a game any way, isn't it like a music creation simulator or something? oh well I don't really care anyway.
If I could reiterate my recommendation from before, If you like Grind-heavy RPGs then I could recommend Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2. I've played well over 80 hours of the game and I quite enjoy "Synthesizing" or fusing monsters and battling them. I admit that monster battling RPGs focus less on story and more on mechanics but the whole story is basically an excuse to go monster battling anyway, just like how Pokemon's premise is an excuse to pokemon battle, though story has gotten a lot better since the GB days.
But the focus for me isn't the story, this is one game you'll enjoy solely on the core mechanics of the game, not the story which as I as I explained before, is excusable. Anyway I admit that I absolutely love Dragon quest and I own almost all the DS Dragon Quest games, save for Rocket slime and DQ IV which i still plan to own myself. They are just some of the best games out there and It's just one of those series that as a gamer, you need to play and own, it's just that simple.

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Can I make an anti-recommendation? Don't buy Mario Kart DS. It's a good game but it's starting to show it's age, and it hasen't aged well. Which is a shame, cause I absolutley loved it when I got it. And now? Well.....

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Hello guys, I'd really appreciate your help on this one, since I live in Macedonia, where NDS and Nintendo support and feedback are practically non-existent..
I'm planning to buy a Pokemon RPG game, and I'm having my doubts about whether to choose Pokemon Platinum or Pokemon Black/White. I know that the default answer would be to buy the newer game (B/W), but do have in mind that I've never played a Pokemon RPG game before, on any system (with the exception of several years ago, when I had some 20-30 minute spell on a friend's GBA system, and I liked it a lot). I may even be wrong, but I read that different Pokemon titles provide different generations of Pokemon, so that's probably one of the differences between the two games. Also, even if Platinum is a remake of two previous titles, is it still played by lots of players, or they "automatically" switched to B/W when it came out. What about B/W? Can I find lots of players for battling/trading? And last, but not least, which one of the games is longer in terms of single-player completion?

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Black and White kickes Platinum up and down the block. It's got better places, better stories, better post game, better pokemon, and better support by players right now. And it's easier to find. You really can't go wrong. At this point you shoould only grab Platinum if you want a new pokemon experience, have played all the other games, and can't wait for Black & White 2.

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i like soulsilver sence i always loved to play pkm silver when i was like younger but black and white story is good but its ok you cant get pkm from kanto johto hoenn sinnoh to after the elite four but you should get the best pokmon games ever pkm emerald well in my opinion but you said platnium or black or white so look at them both then deside platnium better pkm and good story black or white epic story and reshiram zekrom

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pick white.

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So since NSMB2 is due out in a couple of months I realized that I have never played NSMB. Now I have played NSMBW so I was wondering if its worth going back NSMB or is it too outdated now compared to NSMBW?

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Tasuki wrote:

So since NSMB2 is due out in a couple of months I realized that I have never played NSMB. Now I have played NSMBW so I was wondering if its worth going back NSMB or is it too outdated now compared to NSMBW?





Honestly, NSMBWii completely destroys NSMB in every way imaginable....I really wish i skipped out on the first NSMB, because then the Wii sequal would of felt A LOT more fresh. But ya, I'd say skip it and just move onto NSMB2....Wouldn't want to 'NSMB' yourself out TasukiBazooki

It all starts to look and feel like one big game considering the visual asthetics are identicle. lol and besides, the Wii U sequal is coming out during the Holidays. eek! That's a lot of NSMB to soak in. I really need to get on SM3D Land already, with NSMB2 being released in 2 months....

Man i swear, the older i get the less interested i get in 'modern' gaming....Maybe it's just my situation(ya this has got to be, or because I've got too much titles in my collection to play. But i swear once I turned 26(which was close to 2 years ago) modern gaming for me has taken a bit of a hit. I get much more pleasure out of playing NES & SNES games that i missed out on. They're also fantastic because if you're good enough they can be beaten in one session, or a couple of gaming sessions. Really though it's all about keeping that balance. Too many people waste so much of their time gaming that they're missing out on other things in life. But eh, who am i to say at the end of the day it's all about being happy, finding something you're passionate about - persueing it, and loving yourself.....Plus Turtle Pies and Ecto cooler. sniffle* hahaha

Going off topic once again. , but ya dude I'd say skip NSMB.....It's a good game and everything, but it's not exactly worth visiting if you've already plowed through the superior Wii sequal, unless little Bowser Jr. Tickles you're Fabio fancy. lol Koopa Kids > Bowser Jr, which i think 99% of us can all agree on!

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