Topic: Best GG and GO Series games?

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Captain Sub? Dark Spirits? Earth Saver?

I really missed out on a lot...

Help me...

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10 Second Run is the one I've enjoyed the most. Defense Wars was really bad, but at $2, I'm not as pissed as I normally would be. Haven't tried the others, since Defense Wars kind of put me off the publisher.

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picdun i would say



The best GO Series game I'd say is a tie between PicDun (500 pts.) and Captain Sub (200 pts.). As with BedCommando, I thought Defense Wars was pretty bad. The controls were awkward, and the difficulty was really high. 10-Second Run is pretty good, but I enjoyed PicDun and Cpt. Sub more.

The best G.G. Series game is D-Tank imo. Its fun to play but hard to master. Also played Ninja Katakuri Den from the same series, but I didn't like it much.

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Best two G.G games are Dark Spirits and Super Hero Ogre.
Had a LOT of fun playing those games.

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Best GO Series game is Undead Storm by a zombie shot



If you've got any more DSiWare to recommend, GameReviewerX, please feel free to use this thread here. Thank you! :3

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