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Fri 30th March, 2012

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DinoandAllen commented on Rayman:

This is a great port of this game.

Gameplay 24/25

It's classic platforming with troubling enemies, platforms attacking, ete., ete.

Controls 19/20

The controls are simple. Left, right, run, duck, punch, helicopter.

Music 12/15

Some tracks are missing, but most of the best are here.

Graphics 9/10

The look great, no pixilation or static.

Presentation 6/10

It's a port of a popular game, there was a good amount of hype.

Lasting Appeal 17/20

You have to 100% the game to win, it will take a while to win. No replay value, but the game time will probably be 20-25 hours to complete.

Total 87/100 8.7/10

This is a great game underrated by Nintendolife.

+Classic and modern port
+Controls are great
+Rather long (18 levels) for $8
-WAY too hard.
-No extras



DinoandAllen commented on Super Mario Land:

This is a classic.

I think this game is a great game. It was portable Mario and one of the best received games ever.

Gameplay 22/25

Its basic Mario platforming. It's jumping and killing.

Controls 19/20

The controls are a little slippery, but still great.

Music 15/15

It's classic! The music is simple and catchy.

Graphics 6/10

The graphics are bland and primitive, that makes it classic...for long time Nintendo fans.

Presentation 9/10

It came with the Gameboy and now, at a price of 4 dollars there is no reason not to get it!

Lasting appeal 17/20

It may have only 12 levels, but its quite a tough game. If you beat it, you get a hard mode, beat it again, you get a level select, WOW!

Total 88/100 8.8/10

It may have taken it's toll from time itself, but it still is a phenomenal game. For $4, it's a steal

+Arcade style
+Level Select
+Low Price for eShop

  • Graphics haven't stood the test of time
    Rather Short


DinoandAllen commented on Rayman DS:

Allen Reviews Rayman DS.

A port of a good game, is it still good?

I think this game is an early game in the DS's lifespan, I though this would be a good port, but due to the lack of an analogue stick, the controls would probably suck. It's a shame that there is no extra content.

Gameplay 23/25

The gameplay is quite simple really. It's more or less the same from the others.

Controls 11/20

The lack of a joystick on the DS makes this game's controls bad altogether!

Music 12/15

The music is nice, but it is kind of static sounding.

Graphics 6/10

The graphics are like a N64 game...not surprisingly.

Presentation 8/10

Portable Rayman 2...enough said.

Lasting Appeal 10/20

It's rather long, the main adventure will get you around 6-10 hours. Unfortunely, the game only has the main adventure.

Final Score 70/100 7/10

The game is ok, but it could've been a LOT better!



DinoandAllen commented on Review: Wario Land 3 (3DS eShop / Game Boy Color):

A Dino review.
Time for a classic game review! (Please note that this is done by a different person that the Allen reviewer)

Wario land 3 is the 3rd wario land game. It was a later Gameboy color game?Let's find out.
Gameplay 20/20
Wario can charge and jump at the beginning, but later he can swim, ground pound and more! It all work flawlessly!

Controls 20/20
It all works perfectly, even with the circle pad!

Music 15/15
Some of the best music on the Gameboy! Very catchy and silly, making the music fun to listen to.

Graphics 4/5
Very colorful and polished. Some of the best graphics on the Gameboy.

Presentation 12/20
The intro to the game only plays once and it's just wario's plane crashing. Mario can do better. But no wario land game has had a wonderful story, and this has a moderately nice one.

Lasting appeal 19/20
Since the game has lots of levels and each has 4 exits, Some of which you need a power you get later in the game, leading to a long game, but it won't last you more then 15 hours of gameplay.

Overall score 90/100 or 9/10

+Lots of levels, Each with 4 exits
+Great gameplay
+Awesome music

Wario land 3 is just a wonderful game!



DinoandAllen commented on Review: Scribblenauts Unlimited (3DS):

According to me, this game is the 2nd worst of the franchise.

This is unfortunely not a great as people say. I love scribblenauts, I hoped for a great experience. I didn't like it too much.

Gameplay 17/20

Same old, but with more customization.

Controls 19/20

They're great for some reason.

Music 13/20

I enjoy it, but it's nothing special

Graphics 1/5

Ok, but the 3D is non-existent (practically)

Presentation 3/20

It now has an over world. I think this is a stupid idea.

Lasting appeal 12/20

It's ok, but nothing special.

Total 65/100 6.5

It's ok, but nothing special.

+It's gameplay is still fun
+Rather big
-I didn't enjoy the over world
-3D wasn't noticeable



DinoandAllen commented on Review: Super Mario 3D Land (3DS):

The Prime reason for a 3DS? SURE IT IS!

This has to be the best 3DS game out there. It's big, fun, and looks great!

Gameplay 20/20

It's practically super Mario galaxy portable.

Controls 20/20

The controls are nearly flawless!

Music 15/15

I have played through 94 of the 96 levels and I have yet to find a sound track I don't like at all.

Graphics 5/5

Mario look great in 3D. This looks as good if not better than GameCube games!

Presentation 20/20

It was said to be the best 3DS game and nearly 2 years still is.

Lasting appeal 20/20

With 96 levels, it is one of the longest 3DS games out there! It gets hard in the later levels too.

Total 100/100 10/10

This is the best game on the 3DS by quite a bit!

+Great Gameplay
+Graphics are incredible
+96 Levels
+Return of the Tanooki Suit



DinoandAllen commented on Review: Tetris Axis (3DS):

This is the definitive Tetris game.

This is a great Tetris game. It has tons of game modes. Anything you could do with Tetris blocks are a game mode here.

Gameplay 18/20

It's Tetris, enough said

Controls 18/20

Deja Vu

Music 15/15

Tons of neat tracks are here. It can get pretty catchy.

Graphics 2/5

This is where it lacks. It looks ok and nothing more, the 3D is a nice addition.

Presentation 17/20

It has 15 (For some it seems to be 20) game modes. With a $10 price tag downloaded, there seems to be no reason to pass on this.

Lasting appeal 16/20

It has multiplayer and good online. The sheer amount of game modes will keep you coming back to add to at least 20 hours in the long run.

Total 86/100 8.6/10

This game is a great addition to your download collection.

+Low price
+15 or 20 game modes
+Online and download play
-Mediocre graphics



DinoandAllen commented on Review: Rayman 3D (3DS):

This isn't a bad game by any means

This is the about the 6th or 7th version of this game. What's different? The 3D...that's it. Nonetheless, this is the best portable version. DS in my book is a 5.6, I think the 3D adds good depth to this game.

Gameplay 15/20

You Run, Jump, helicopter, and punch(Here, you shoot orbs). It's normal 3D Rayman.

Controls 14/20

The controls are backwards. Y is punch, B is jump. A isn't really used. It's bizarre but you can get used to it.

Music 13/15

It can break apart sometimes, but the remixes are good.

Graphics 4/5

The 3D can ghost sometimes, but it still makes depth.

Presentation 16/20

It's a launch title, you don't expect much, yet it still ranked as the 3rd best selling launch title in the UK.

Lasting appeal 12/20

You only get an adventure. No extras or anything. It has collectables and there are 21 levels and you'll get around 15 hours. Nothing special

Total 74/100 7.4

It's fun game, but that's all.



DinoandAllen commented on Steel Diver:

This is an oddball.

This game contains
*Main Missions
In this mode, you take control of a submarine "Point A to Point B" style. It's enjoyable. It suffers due to the lack of levels, only 7.

Periscope Mode
Use your 3ds like a submarine scope to sink some ships and submarines.
Not much to it.


You play a game similar to battleship. It's 3DS download play.


*Decals-They give a special power
*3 Submarines, this adds replay value.
*Special 3D-Some the best I've seen.

Gameplay 17/20
Its diverse and split into 3 game modes.

Controls 15/20
It's weird at first, but original and interesting.

Music 14/20
It's calm, but boring.

Length 13/20
The main mode is very short (Only 7 levels!) but each mission can range from 3 minutes to 20 minutes. The game is around 10 hours long at most.

Lasting appeal 16/20
The game has collectables, multiple modes, a hard difficulty, and 3 diverse subs.

Total 75/100 7.5/10
Not a bad launch, but don't get at full price. I found my copy on amazon at $8.