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DinoandAllen commented on Flipnote Studio 3D:

It's been a year since this was supposed to come out in America. Not even Rayman Legends was delayed for this long.



DinoandAllen commented on Review: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Virtual Console ...:

The Dino and Allen slightly-biased rating system reviews:

Game name: Sonic the Hedgehog 2
System: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive
Release year: 1992

Gameplay 20/25
In this 16-bit game, you play as Sonic or Tails. This adds to the variety. There are also 11 zones, but only 8 full zones and 3 one act zones. The first 5 or 6 zones are enjoyable, but after that, the zones become either very boring or very hard. This makes the second half of the game only slightly enjoyable. There is also multi-player. If you choose Sonic & Tails and have someone else to play with, you and your friend can play together! There are also 3 competition stages where you and a friend race to the end of the level. There are many interesting things going on too. There are screws, bumpers, special stages, and cool power-ups. The special stages are extremely hard.
Graphics 9/10
The sprites look great, and the backgrounds move. Though, Sonic looks pretty bad compared to the rest of the graphics.
Story 8/10
The story is pretty much Robotnik's turning animals into robots! Stop him! Though, there are some cut-scenes near the end of the game.
Soundtrack 16/20
Many of the songs in this game are great, such as Emerald Hill, Chemical Plant, and Hill Top zone. However, some songs suck, like Metropolis zone, Sky Fortress zone, and Death Egg zone.
Controls 13/15
The controls work fine, but they are a little imprecise.
Replayability 12/20
The game can be fun to replay for some, but due to the second half of the game mostly sucking and the chaos emeralds being ridiculously hard to get. The two player is really a race to finish 3 different acts.
Final Score:



DinoandAllen commented on Review: Sonic Blast (3DS eShop / Game Gear):

The Dino and Allen slightly-biased rating system reviews:

Game name: Sonic Blast
System: Sega Game Gear
Release year: 1996

Gameplay 13/25
This game has nothing special zone wise. In this game, you don't save flickies, you just play a worse 8-bit Sonic 2 with a spindash. You can play a Sonic, who can now double jump, or Knuckles, who can glide. Sure, you can play as Knuckles, but his gliding is nerfed. But Knuckles fans might play as him. I prefer Sonic. There are special stages, but all you do is move Sonic or Knuckles in front of oncoming rings to get a chaos emerald. To access the true final boss, you need all the chaos emeralds. The hit detection is off too. Sometimes, I jump into rings, but only get SOME of the rings I touched, not all of them. Not much else to say.
Graphics 9/10
The graphics are great and impressive. 3D rendered sprites is pretty impressive for an 8-bit handheld.
Story 5/10
Robotnik's bad, stop him from making the death egg! That's the story. Sure, the intro shows a chaos emerald being destroyed, but that doesn't do much for us.
Soundtrack 10/20
Like Sonic Triple Trouble, the soundtrack is average. Nothing special, just average.
Controls 10/15
The controls work fine, but if you're too close to a loopdy-loop, and spindash, you won't go up it. Also, platform hit detection is only okay.
Replayability 5/20
There is only on reason you would replay this game: To play through the game as the other character.
Final Score:
The game is just like Sonic Labyrinth: Average as average can be.



DinoandAllen commented on Review: Sonic Chaos (SMS):

The Dino and Allen slightly-biased rating system reviews:

Game name: Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos
System: Sega Master System
Release year: 1993

Gameplay 20/25
The gameplay is fine. Everything works and there are some cool mechanics.
You can run on sideways bridges or spindash into walls. You can also play as Tails in his first playable form with flying. However, it's sluggish and you'll want to play as Sonic instead. Sonic and Tails both has a special move performed with Up + Jump. Sonic gets the Super Peel-Out and Tails gets to fly. The zones are colorful and fun, but very short. You now go to special stages to get chaos emeralds. All 5 are different and unique. They are very easy.
Graphics 9/10
The graphics are great and you can tell them put effort into making them look like the genesis sonic games.
Story 7/10
The story is a classic sonic story with a twist: If Sonic doesn't get all the emeralds (Tails can't go to any special stages), South Island will sink, killing all residents including Sonic and Tails.
Soundtrack 18.5/20
Most songs in this game are good. Some duds are Electric egg zone acts 1 and 2 and the special stages.
Controls 10.5/15
The controls are spot on except for water controls and Tails' flying, both of which are sluggish and the former being slippery too.
Replayability 12/20
If you enjoy the game, you will replay the game a lot. If not, you won't.
Final Score:
This game is worse then Sonic 2, but it's still fun. Recommended for Sonic fans.



DinoandAllen commented on Review: Sonic Labyrinth (3DS eShop / Game Gear):

The Dino and Allen slightly-biased rating system reviews:

Game name: Sonic Labyrinth
System: Sega Game Gear
Release year: 1995

Gameplay 12.5/25
Sonic is in some easy mazes, none of which stick out. Sonic controls fine, but he can only spindash. No jumping. Arrows give you almost pointless power-ups, but it's somthing?
Graphics 9.5/10
The graphics are the highlight of this game. All of them look great, some of the best the game gear has to offer.
Story 6/10
The story is stupid and plot holed, but charmingish.
Soundtrack 10/20
No song really stands out, but it's not terrible.
Controls 9/15
They're sluggish, but work fine. Though you have no control when you're in a spindash.
Replayability 6/20
No real point in playing after playing it and getting the chaos emeralds.
Final Score:
This game is about as average as average can get. Get it if you want an easy game. Or for a review.



DinoandAllen commented on Review: Sonic the Hedgehog (3DS eShop / Game G...:

The Dino and Allen slightly-biased rating system reviews:

Game name: Sonic the Hedgehog
System: Sega Game Gear
Release year: 1991

Gameplay 25/25
This is an 8-bit version of Sonic 1. Actually, it's not. There are 3 new zones (Bridge Zone, Jungle Zone, and Sky Base Zone) to replace 3 Sonic 1 16-bit zones (Marble Zone, Spring Yard Zone, and Starlight Zone). The zones all have a unique feature to them. Green Hill Zone has an act where you go underground. Bridge Zone has an auto-scrolling act. Jungle Zone has an act where you scale a waterfall. Labyrinth Zone has water, but the Zone is actually quite fast. Scrap Brain Zone has fire traps and electric shooters. Sky Base Zone has a level that moves up and down automatically. It's pretty hard. The boss acts (Act 3) has 2 traits to them. The all have a 1-up box (Except for Sky Base Zone if you didn't get all the other 1-up boxes) and they all have no rings. This makes some bosses really hard (Jungle Zone and Sky base Zone). The chaos emeralds are present. You find 6 emeralds hidden throughout the 6 zones in the levels. Special stages are here as well. In these, you can get continues and extra lives.
Graphics 9/10
The graphics are great and are good even with the blur on. All the sprites are in color too.
Story 8.5/10
The story is your generic "Robotnik's got the emeralds and he's bad, so stop him!" story, but since this is a half-port of the original released in 1991, I'll let it slide.
Soundtrack 20/20
This game's soundtrack is great! The tunes fit, the all sound wonderful, and are really catchy.
Controls 12.5/15
The controls work perfectly outside of water levels, as they are slippery.
Replayability 20/20
This game is so much fun and quick to beat, I once played through it twice in one day!
Final Score:
A wondrously good game with barely any flaws. If you don't have it yet, you should pick it up as soon as possible!



DinoandAllen commented on Review: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (3DS eShop / Game...:

The Dino and Allen slightly-biased rating system reviews:

Game name: Sonic the Hedgehog 2
System: Sega Game Gear
Release year: 1992

Gameplay 18/25
This game's biggest weakness is the zoomed in camera. It makes the first boss very hard. Though, for some reason, the game's atmosphere makes it seem like you're near the end of the game the whole way through. I dunno. Onto Sonic and the power-ups. Sonic has no spindash. You may be whining "Why no spindash?! This is Sonic 2!". Well, this came out before the genesis version of Sonic 2. One week. Sonic 2 for the genesis (Which I personally would give a 5 or 6 out of 10 if I didn't use this rating system) introduced the spindash. There are hardly any power ups beside 1-ups. Invincibility occasionally pops up too. No speed shoes pop up, however. Onto the zones. They are all unique, but they don't have anything special, however. The are still good. The have little gimmicks that keep things interesting, like Underground Zone's boss (Which I found easy), Sky High Zone's Hang gliders, Aqua Lake zone's water bouncing, Green Hills Zone's huge abundance of rings, Gimmick Mountain Zone's Straw platforms and scrap brain zone stuff, Crystal Egg zone's puzzles, and Crystal Egg Zone's high speed. There aren't any special stages, which means, once again, you have to find the chaos emeralds in the stages (Which are always in act 2). However, these emeralds are RIDICULOUS to find! You have to make timed jumps, perform cloud jumping, press certain buttons, make another timed jump, and find a hidden room. Unlike 8-bit Sonic 1, there are only five emeralds to find as Mecha Sonic gives you the last one (Only if you have the previous 5). In order to get to Crystal Egg Zone and save Tails, you have to get all the emeralds. If you don't, Tails DIES.
Graphics 8/10
Sonic looks great and so do the levels and backgrounds. Plus, color!
Story 8/10
The story is explained in the intro. Basically, Sonic has to get the chaos emeralds to get Tails back from Robotnik or else Tails will be killed. Pretty tense stuff.
Soundtrack 20/20
This game's soundtrack is the best out of all 8-bit Sonic games. Not a single song is bad, and Toot Toot Sonic Warrior (A fan favorite Sonic Song) was a remix of this game's Green Hills Zone.
Controls 13/15
The game works flawlessly excluding water controls, as they are slippery. But water levels make up 1/7 of the levels, so it's not bad.
Replayability 15/20
Since this game has such a challenge of getting the emeralds, you'll definitely have to play the game over a few times. Plus, the game gets easier as you play it.
Final Score:
A really fun game, but if you're not a Sonic expert, you'll have a hard time with this game.
Some tips on having more fun with the game below:
Underground Zone- To have an easier time with the first boss, trying jumping on top of the boss's pincers. For some reason, you won't get hurt and you can flying right under the cannon balls.
Sky High Zone- With the hang gliders, press left, then wait about a second, then press left again. Repeat this process until the gap you're over is behind you.
Aqua Lake- When running, press down and you'll roll. You can roll over water.
Green Hills Zone- Collect rings. You'll need them for the boss act.
Gimmick Mountain Zone- Be mindful that there will almost always be a trap ahead of you.
Scrambled Egg Zone- In the tubes, have an easy to access pause button. Pause when you see an intersection in the tube. This can help you get ready for the next turn. Always have a ring just in case if you fall or go the wrong way.
Crystal Egg Zone- If you're not at the boss, you shouldn't need help. At the boss, wait until the exact moment Robotnik stops his whole room lightning strike attack to get out of the tubes to attack him.
Also, if you want to visit a stage that you just can't get to, do the following for the level select: When turning on the game hold Down+Left diagonally on the D-Pad and all of the Game Gear buttons until 2 ring noises chime. I hope this helped.



DinoandAllen commented on Review: Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble (3D...:

The Dino and Allen slightly-biased rating system reviews:

Game name: Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble
System: Sega Game Gear
Release year: 1994

Gameplay 23/25
It's your standard Sonic Gameplay; running fast, Destroying Badniks, Going through zones, it's all there. You can play as Sonic or Tails, each of which have their own moves (Peformed with Up + Jump): Super Peel-Out for Sonic, and flying for Tails. They each also get some power-up exclusive to each. There are 6 zones, each with 3 acts (2 level acts and a 3rd boss act). They are vibrant and colorful, and feature some interesting mechanics. Turquoise Hill has nothing special. Sunset Park's Spindash carts and moving train boss act. Meta Junglaria has shooting box things, bouncy things, and boosters. Robotnik Winter has a Snowboard and some wind that saves your life. Tidal Plant has water, but it also has giant bubbles! Atomic Destroyer has switch traps and tricky puzzles. It also has a fight against Metal Sonic. The chaos emeralds are present. You go through 2 types of special stages. One type has a time limit and a level, and the other type has you fly in the tornado and collect rings.

Graphics 9/10
The graphics look great. The sprites look wonderful and the backgrounds are colorful and so are the levels. Keep in mind this is 8-bit. Super Mario Brothers 1 is 8-bit too. However, with the blur effect, the game looks terrible due to so many animations. You know, the game looks like the genesis sonic games to some extent.
Story 8/10
The story is told through cut-scenes. The intro shows that Robotnik has a chaos emerald and you have to get the rest, so Robotnik doesn't do something bad. Knuckles and Nack appear in this game as well. They try to mess with Sonic. Knuckles downright burns Sonic with fire traps (Knuckles drowns after Tidal Plant zone) and Nack just waves his finger and hops into a machine. Simple, but charming. Just like Sonic 3. Zone-wise too.
Soundtrack 10/20
This is the game's weakness. Only a few songs really stand out. None of them are really bad, but they aren't great. Great songs were a standard for the 16-bit Sonic games and the 8-bit ones as well. I mean, Toot Toot Sonic warrior was a remix of Green Hills Zone from the 8-bit version of Sonic 2! So, the fact that this game's soundtrack isn't all that great is pretty disappointing.
Controls 15/15
The controls work perfectly. All actions work how they'e supposed to and all. Tails' flying has been sped up too, so his flying doesn't suck in this game. The peel-out works well too, as well as the spin-dash and jumping.
Replayability 15/20
You will either replay this game a lot or not at all, depending on if you like this game. I personally loved it, so I've replayed through this game about 20 times.

Final Score:
An 8 out of 10 equals a great game in my eyes.



DinoandAllen commented on Review: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 (WiiWare):

@Punny No Tails, no Knuckles, no super cool story, no super cool in-game cutscenes, no original zones, no 10 minute levels, no blue sphere stages, no classic (Young) sonic, no cool bosses, no non-gimmicky stages, and no 2D graphics. In no way, shape, or form, is this better than it's predecessor, Sonic 3 and Knuckles. Episode 2 doesn't get much better.



DinoandAllen commented on Rayman:

This is a great port of this game.

Gameplay 24/25

It's classic platforming with troubling enemies, platforms attacking, ete., ete.

Controls 19/20

The controls are simple. Left, right, run, duck, punch, helicopter.

Music 12/15

Some tracks are missing, but most of the best are here.

Graphics 9/10

The look great, no pixilation or static.

Presentation 6/10

It's a port of a popular game, there was a good amount of hype.

Lasting Appeal 17/20

You have to 100% the game to win, it will take a while to win. No replay value, but the game time will probably be 20-25 hours to complete.

Total 87/100 8.7/10

This is a great game underrated by Nintendolife.

+Classic and modern port
+Controls are great
+Rather long (18 levels) for $8
-WAY too hard.
-No extras



DinoandAllen commented on Super Mario Land:

This is a classic.

I think this game is a great game. It was portable Mario and one of the best received games ever.

Gameplay 22/25

Its basic Mario platforming. It's jumping and killing.

Controls 19/20

The controls are a little slippery, but still great.

Music 15/15

It's classic! The music is simple and catchy.

Graphics 6/10

The graphics are bland and primitive, that makes it classic...for long time Nintendo fans.

Presentation 9/10

It came with the Gameboy and now, at a price of 4 dollars there is no reason not to get it!

Lasting appeal 17/20

It may have only 12 levels, but its quite a tough game. If you beat it, you get a hard mode, beat it again, you get a level select, WOW!

Total 88/100 8.8/10

It may have taken it's toll from time itself, but it still is a phenomenal game. For $4, it's a steal

+Arcade style
+Level Select
+Low Price for eShop

  • Graphics haven't stood the test of time
    Rather Short


DinoandAllen commented on Rayman DS:

Allen Reviews Rayman DS.

A port of a good game, is it still good?

I think this game is an early game in the DS's lifespan, I though this would be a good port, but due to the lack of an analogue stick, the controls would probably suck. It's a shame that there is no extra content.

Gameplay 23/25

The gameplay is quite simple really. It's more or less the same from the others.

Controls 11/20

The lack of a joystick on the DS makes this game's controls bad altogether!

Music 12/15

The music is nice, but it is kind of static sounding.

Graphics 6/10

The graphics are like a N64 game...not surprisingly.

Presentation 8/10

Portable Rayman 2...enough said.

Lasting Appeal 10/20

It's rather long, the main adventure will get you around 6-10 hours. Unfortunely, the game only has the main adventure.

Final Score 70/100 7/10

The game is ok, but it could've been a LOT better!



DinoandAllen commented on Review: Wario Land 3 (3DS eShop / Game Boy Color):

A Dino review.
Time for a classic game review! (Please note that this is done by a different person that the Allen reviewer)

Wario land 3 is the 3rd wario land game. It was a later Gameboy color game?Let's find out.
Gameplay 20/20
Wario can charge and jump at the beginning, but later he can swim, ground pound and more! It all work flawlessly!

Controls 20/20
It all works perfectly, even with the circle pad!

Music 15/15
Some of the best music on the Gameboy! Very catchy and silly, making the music fun to listen to.

Graphics 4/5
Very colorful and polished. Some of the best graphics on the Gameboy.

Presentation 12/20
The intro to the game only plays once and it's just wario's plane crashing. Mario can do better. But no wario land game has had a wonderful story, and this has a moderately nice one.

Lasting appeal 19/20
Since the game has lots of levels and each has 4 exits, Some of which you need a power you get later in the game, leading to a long game, but it won't last you more then 15 hours of gameplay.

Overall score 90/100 or 9/10

+Lots of levels, Each with 4 exits
+Great gameplay
+Awesome music

Wario land 3 is just a wonderful game!



DinoandAllen commented on Review: Scribblenauts Unlimited (3DS):

According to me, this game is the 2nd worst of the franchise.

This is unfortunely not a great as people say. I love scribblenauts, I hoped for a great experience. I didn't like it too much.

Gameplay 17/20

Same old, but with more customization.

Controls 19/20

They're great for some reason.

Music 13/20

I enjoy it, but it's nothing special

Graphics 1/5

Ok, but the 3D is non-existent (practically)

Presentation 3/20

It now has an over world. I think this is a stupid idea.

Lasting appeal 12/20

It's ok, but nothing special.

Total 65/100 6.5

It's ok, but nothing special.

+It's gameplay is still fun
+Rather big
-I didn't enjoy the over world
-3D wasn't noticeable