Topic: Has Nintendo forgotten VC lately?

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I can only assume that Nintendo don't want the VC games to over shqdow the indie games. Just look how things took a dive once WiiWare became a reality.

I don't understand why Game Boy games aren't the lowest price cost. Why are some new indie game less than a emulated GB game?

Exactly. I know Nintendo needs to pay to keep the service running, but comparatively it just makes the prices look stupid. I also don't buy the theory that they're doing it to keep indie games selling. It's not their responsibility to sell other peoples games and I hardly think the sales of old retro games are going to cannibalise those of indie ones to a significant degree. Indie devs aren't going to avoid a platform just because retro games are for sale on it - that's ridiculous.

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They have an entire of N64, GC and lets not forget DS games, so once they sort out their 1st party release schedule over the next few months, we should start to see some real gems appear.

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Lol, Nintendo didn't just forget it, they buried it deep in the ground and abandoned it. Meh, I'm not even interested that much in it these days. If they get GBA up with most of the functions intact (that includes Multiplayer and add it to GB and GBC) I might look into it again.



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