Topic: Games you abused the save state feature on

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Gargoyle's Quest
Game and Watch Gallery 2

It would be impossible for me to get 1000 points on G&WG2 without the save states. Even with them I had a difficult time with some of the games such as modern Parachute.

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Gargoyles Quest is the only one I can think of - because I was fed up of having to walk to the bosses again and again. Saved before every boss/level to save plenty of time. :3

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Super Mario Land 2 near the end.

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i dont use the save features.


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I did abuse it on SML and SMB and Kirby, and DK, but I deleted those files and am going to beat them without

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The one which stands out the most for me was GG Shinobi. On the last level, I basically did a restore point for every new platform I stepped on, otherwise I probably would have never finished it

Gargoyle's Quest would have to be a close second for me

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i really never used it i only used it on zelda 2 adventure of link and only used it twice on the 5th boss



Pikminsi wrote:

I saved a lot in Half-Life

Yeah, me too btw. Just played the Black Mesa mod. On the 3DS, I have abused with Donkey Kong '94. : )



CanisWolfred wrote:

Not on the 3DS, but Sonic 1 on the PSP collection pretty much required it twice in order for me to get past Zone 2 Act 3.

I had the same problem when I grew up on this game.

As for me, SML 1 & 2, only because I had to rush my playthroughs.

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i abuse on legend of zelda 2 .-. i dont think id be where i am at this point in the game without it

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randomusername wrote:

i abuse on legend of zelda 2 .-. i dont think id be where i am at this point in the game without it

I don't think any use of the save states in Zelda 2 could ever be considered abuse - considering it's necessary to make it somewhat playable.

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I never used it on Zelda II at all. I did abuse it on GG Shinobi though

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Donkey Kong '94, Gargoyle's Quest, Super Mario Land, Blaster Master The Enemy Below and a few others I can't remember.

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Super Mario Land, Mole Mania, and Kirby's Dream Land hard mode


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Bionic Commando, but only in the final stage.



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