Topic: What Do You You Think Is Next After 3DS?

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After the 3DS has run it's course, what do you think Nintendo will announce next? I have no idea but I can't wait to find out!! Speculate away.

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A Wii U Gamepad-like device that can play any game on the go or on the TV creating only 1 single Nintendo console that serves as both the Home Console and the Handheld Console.
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3DS U! It'll confuse even more consumers.



Whatever it is, it probably won't be 3D-enabled.


Nintendo doesn't really worry about high-definition graphics, so I don't see how much more they could do with the -DS line at all. Maybe we'll see an entirely new handheld design?

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Nothing at the moment

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Its hard to say. It will probably be something more unbelievable than HD. I found it tough believing Nintendo was going to make the world's largest controller, with a touch screen, like the Wii U. And I didn't even know glasses-free 3D was possible.
Lets not worry about it until Nintendo has run out of ideas.

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The 4DS, with real wind and water effects (Who doesn't like a squirt of water in their eye when they're focused on a video game?).

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willobee wrote:

3DS U! It'll confuse even more consumers.

WiiDSi U. Nah, I prefer yours.



RedPanda wrote:

The 4DS, with real wind and water effects (Who doesn't like a squirt of water in their eye when they're focused on a video game?).

So a continuation of the Arctic Thunder arcade cabinets? I like it!

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I think it will be a ultra HD 3D screen with more layers of lcds for a better 3D effect. have all the buttons and controls without having to buy a circle pad pro. It will do Wii U graphics. This is at least 2017, so it will be a long wait.


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The return of the Gameboy line. I bet ya

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C-Olimar wrote:

willobee wrote:

3DS U! It'll confuse even more consumers.

WiiDiS U.


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