Topic: What Do You You Think Is Next After 3DS?

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6ch6ris6 wrote:

maybe the option to stream console games on to the handheld via internet.

Unless they include 3G(which I don't see happening, somehow), I don't see the point to this. Unless you're at a local hotspot, you're probably in a home anyway, so unless your friends don't have Ninty's home console it'd be sort of useless. It'd be a handheld console, that let you use console games on it when you're at home or near a hotspot... So... Basically a slightly improved GamePad. Something that HAS its uses, but I imagine that it would be a bit of a hassle to get up, and for what's more a "cool" feature wouldn't be worth it. Now, if they let you keep several console game on it at a time or rid of it and made it a wonderfully powerful handheld that can send gameplay to your TV, on the other hand... That... Would be the greatest console of all thyme.

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The next handheld will probably have a bit more power than the Vita as lately it feels like Nintendo consoles seem to be a slightly powered up version of other current gen consoles that are out (and have more power).

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3DSi or HDS for sure. Wanna bet? I'm thinking the next DS will have something similar to Google Nose. Imagine it...

As for the next home console, Holograms would be kinda cool

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Couldn't resist posting here again because I was thinking about this recently.

Imagine a portable system powerful enough to emulate Wii U games, with every major Nintendo release on virtual console. I would have a larger 3D HD screen on the top and include two extra shoulder buttons and a right analog stick. It would be able to hook up to your television to play on the big screen, and it would have support for the Wii U gamepad and a smaller variant as multiple controllers. You wouldn't need two of these to play multiplayer, and you'd have access to Nintendo's biggest multiplayer games like Smash Bros U from day one. Any lack of first party releases would be offset by that massive historical advantage.

That said, I predict the proprietary software for it will be significantly less as Nintendo focuses harder on the new home console, and we will see the last Nintendo side-scrollers ever on this device. This means the last New Super Mario Bros, 2D Zelda, 2D Metroid, Donkey Kong Country, Kirby, Super Smash Bros, 2D Pokemon, 2D Fire Emblem, 2D Golden Sun, or 2D Animal Crossing. This is because of another prediction about Nintendo's next home console, which will not be able to play side-scrolling or top down 2D games very well, due to not being played on a television.

After this device, I think Nintendo handhelds are done. Ten years from now, when the 3DS and it's successor have run their course, we will have PCs that easily exceed what is necessary for a quality gaming experience at the lowest level of the PC market, and there will be a variant of that that looks like a 3DS. Nintendo may be stubborn and try to release one anyway, but it will fail. This isn't a bad thing for Nintendo or consumers, as by this time Nintendo would be losing money on any new consoles anyway, and everyone will simply have a powerful portable device for computer needs. Whether that device is separate from a cell phone only time will tell, but for now the most advanced cell phones still can't touch the 3DS.



I can see 3ds HD. 3D HD smooth graphics not jagged like 3ds. much better hardware and 8mp camera to take crystal clear 3D pics Which imo the XL should have also gotten a better camera because the camera quality for 2013 sucks lol



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