Topic: The first game to be play on the 3DS

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probably Paper Mario, but I'm still hoping for that FF7 3DS remake...

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A game, assuming there are any

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Paper Mario for sure. If it is out as a certain smart*ss pointed out



Orcania of time
resident evil mercanaries
ridge racer 3D

but mainly the top 2 off the top of my mind



Which are the launch titles again?
Even though I plan on getting Super Street Fighter IV 3DS, there's no way that's going to be the first game I play, let alone one of the titles I'm buying right away.

Kid Icarus: Uprising seems oh so right....Or maybe OOT 3DS.

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Havent actually decided yet. Besides, I dont think there's still not official launch-title list yet, making it bit hard to choose. However, Im really interested in Super Street Fighter IV 3DS. Ocarina of Time would be fun, but I'l wait until I hear if its really worthwile to play it trough again. I pretty much played it to death back in the days. Snake Eater is anther possibility, considering my sisters gonna take the PS2 and that game along with her.

My plan is to purchase the system along with a 3DS and a DS game, as I've pretty much missed the whole DS library. I havent decided for DS game either, and this pretty much depends on what the store has available at that day.

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By the way, I choose Pokemon Black/White because that is the closes game to have already announce to be part of the 3DS launch titles.

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OtherL wrote:

By the way, I choose Pokemon Black/White because that is the closes game to have already announce to be part of the 3DS launch titles.

But it's a DS game.:/

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Definetly Oot 3DS

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Just don't know what will even come out at launch. I don't know when I will get one.
Probably one of the AR demos that might come with it.



Pilotwings Resort

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Anything Mario, of course. Still waiting for the announcement of New Super Mario Bros 3DS or a new 3D Mario platformer.

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I think I'd get my 3DS set up on my home network, hook up to the handheld VC I've waited forever for, download Super Mario Land (Or Tetris, preferably, as I had and lost it... long story) and play it. A way of linking the past to the present (no Zelda pun intended). I'm kind of wierd like that... As for the first actual 3DS game, would like Kid Icarus to be the first one, assuming it were a launch title.

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Probably Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D depending on what they did in the game. Like for example, if it's just a graphical upgrade, then I won't be interested and go buy Super Mario Land for the Virtual Handheld or Pilotwings Resort instead.


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Paper Mario

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Whatever first party games are available at launch.

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