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I'm planning to let Pokemon Black/White to be the first game I will be playing on my future 3DS.

Have you decide what will be the first game to try out on the 3DS.

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SuperMan 3DS

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Depends on when I pick it up. Probably Super Mario Land to be ironic.

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Assuming it is out on launch... Mario Kart.



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Kid Icarus: Uprising, assuming it comes out during launch.

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Arcanum Kid Icarus a launch title? if it is then i choose Kid Icarus.

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Definitely Ocarina of Time. Depending on money and such, I'll have to see which launch games we even buy. I know we'll need a few since the wife and I will both be getting a 3DS on launch. She'll be hogging Ocarina of Time so I'll probably go play StarFox or Pilot Wings. Really looking forward to more N64 remakes as well as other new games. I would love to see Harvest Moon 64 or Donkey Kong 64 remake on it, but I'll just keep dreaming. Haha

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If it's out, Kirby's Adventure. If not, Kid Icarus or Paper Mario. They're both bound to be launch titles.

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Based on what has been confirmed to be available at Japanese launch, probably The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time 3D.

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I'll probably check out the on system features before plugging in any game I get on launch day. I like to get acquainted with a system first before jumping right in. The first actual game I play will likely be those augmented reality cards though.

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final fantasy 15.




Mario Kart and Paper Mario.

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Super Monkey Ball as that's the first game I played on GCN as well.

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thread kind of exists already buying a 3DS to then play just DS games on it sounds odd to be honest, backward compatibility is nice and all but its the new stuff I want after all I can use my DS in the meantime.



If it's a launch title, Starfox64.

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Going by Japanese Launch Titles I will be playing Zelda Ocarina Of Time and Ridge Racer 3D.



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