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Its a problem with the person sending it. Their date is set wrong on their system.

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then I thought this is extremely stupid I'm going back to my dsi -______- swapnote is a major waste sure it has nice features but it feels so blahhhhh to me




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Adam wrote:

In the video from Reggie, he lists it alongside other apps. Forget if he specifically said it was, but seems like it is. If it is, that sucks because it means you won't be able to check messages while in a game since you can only ever have one application loaded at a time. If it were through your friends tab, you can view that at any time.

Stylus-only doesn't bother me because the only message I'll be sending anyone for a long time will likely just be "MK7?"

Checking messages while in a game is something I expected, but I guess we're not getting it unless we're told otherwise. If Nintendo ever gives us a built-in messaging system, then that would be awesome.

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Has anybody got a StreetPass in this game?

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Pengaweeno wrote:

Has anybody got a StreetPass in this game?

Is that even possible?

Yes, but I think the feature is broken.

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Never really thought of this feature. I'm going to create a note saying "Hello fellow StreetPassers..." along with something else and maybe a picture. Just to see if anything happens. I usually go to or near a gamestop on the weekends and usually get at least one to two streetpasses. It'll be interesting to see if anything happens.

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The Street Pass feature in Swapnotes only works with people on your Friends List that you street pass. It's kind of pointless really, especially if you already are hooked up on the internet and are swapping notes with your friends. But people were finding out that if, for instance, a family member also had a 3DS, they were getting the same Swapnote message every day from that family member.

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That's good to know. Thanks. I'll delete the note i created for streetpass as all my friends are in other cities, states and even countries.

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What's the point with the StreetPass then? I'm guessing Nintendo still want to protect kiddies and don't want swear words, jokes or rude gestures getting thrown around via their 3DS.

Either way, just using it to send messages to your 3DS Friends only feels a bit... strange really. Might as well deactivate that massive hunk of junk.

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I'm starting to think that the StreetPass function is maybe for those that are less fortunate and don't have WiFi at home or close to them. I know that there are many places to go(McDonalds, B&N, Starbucks, etc), but still, some may not have the chance to use the SpotPass feature like others can. So the StreetPass function is available to those that only have friends close to them with 3DS's. At least that's what i think now...

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@Gustoff - I agree. I think the whole reason for Street Pass Swapnote is probably for kids who know each other but aren't allowed to have their 3DS on Wi-fi. It gives them a chance to use the feature. It would even give parents a chance to send message to their kids. So it's not a bad thing ... but it doesn't do a whole lot of good for the rest of us that thought we could send a message to people we Street Pass. Which to be honest, is probably a good thing. I certainly wouldn't want some stranger giving my kiddies (if I had any) their name and phone number or anything like that.

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I've received a few StreetPass letters from some people at EB Games, but in the end, it's a pretty useless feature as they could have always used SpotPass and I would have got them sooner.
Also I now have this weird error that when I StreetPass one of them, I get the little green light on the Nintendo Letter Box icon as if I have a new StreetPass letter, but when I check it there's no new letters. D:
It's happened the last few times I've StreetPassed them.

Also, I must add, why do they insist on torturing us by forcing us to delete letters one by one once we reach 3000?
It takes forever! D:
I'd rather there be no limit, or at least let us delete several at once.

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It's really lame that Nintendo decided to kill the ability to send SwapNote messages. Just because some dipshits were doing vulgar things with it. That and I guess they deemed it unsafe for unsupervised kids.

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