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@brawlmelee64guy I don't see pacman in the cards or any namco charcacters for that matter. One of the creators of snake at konami practically begged sakurai to put snake in melee but production was too far along. Sega and Nintendo have been close for a while now making the Olympics games. For brawl they said they would only add 2 to 3 more characters so we'll probably see very few more.



Well, between the 3DS and Cafe, I would have to go with Cafe for Smash Bros. Like others have said, Smash Bros would fit best on a home console than a handheld. I used to think it would be fine for a handheld, but that was before all the Project Cafe rumors leaked out. Also, it would break tradition, because if they made it for 3DS then they wouldn't make it for Cafe.



@Neram: So far, your only reason has been that it was designed for consoles. Mario Kart was, too, and now it has two handheld outings plus an upcoming 3DS game. OoT was a console game, and now it'll be a 3DS game. And yes, I know it's not multiplayer, but many handheld games are, including Mario Kart. In terms of specs, the 3DS is more than capable of Smash Bros, and it's capable of multiplayer with only one copy of the game.



It would be nice to play against friends online using those friend codes.


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I would absolutely love this, seeing someone hit the front of the screen in 3D would be awesome.

I wouldn't roll it out, but with the next console coming they could make one for that too, since the rest were on consoles.

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Rift wrote:

@Neram: So far, your only reason has been that it was designed for consoles.

I'd say also because the game is designed around local play on one screen, where mario kart was always split screen. I don't think he's saying it "wouldn't work" on a handheld but that it suits console a lot more and rather it be on the next Nintendo console instead of a handheld.

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I agree with anyone who says that Smash Bros. should only be on a console. But I would not mind a remake of the original with updated graphics 2 or 3 new stages, maybe 2 new characters (like Pit and Zelda), and 4 player DS download play, and of course online play.

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Smash bros is for consoles so far but I would also say street fighter and dead or alive are too.
I say retro should make a smash bros 3ds
I think the true problem is that the 3ds needs wireless streetpass spotpass play coins 3d great online play (that doesn't involve 12 numbers) just like brawl i think it needs to be double layered if thats plausible.

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A slightly down-sized version of SSB could be very good on 3DS. Nintendo succeeded brillantly with Mario Party DS after all! Cutting on stages, copy-characters and figurines could offer a LOT of space on the cartridge. Online should definitly be improved, though...



I've always enjoyed Smash Bros. on consoles. I believe it wouldn't work out as well on an handheld than a console.

Who knows, maybe Nintendo will take a stab at it.

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im sure there is a way to make a handheld experience out of smash brothers. It wont be like a home console for sure, but there is a way to make that possible and enjoyable on 3Ds.

add a Mii customizable character for it ! (character editor, with sets of attacks/specials, movement,speed,etc.)

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There should be a special TAG mode.



So uhh guys, guess what? Super Smash Bros is coming on the 3DS, so all these nay-sayers have been officially owned!

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BellGoRiiing wrote:

The name I'm going with now, is...Super Smash Bros Smack Down Vs Raw 2012! (SSBSD 3D for the 3DS, lol)

Where did that come from?

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Either way, I really hope Nintendo makes this game. All because Project Cafe is coming out doesn't mean people should already forget about the 3DS!

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Kawaii_Mango wrote:

Either way, I really hope Nintendo makes this game. All because Project Cafe is coming out doesn't mean people should already forget about the 3DS!

They said they're making it, what more do you want?



This and Luigi's mansion 2, were games that I wanted to see, but didn't expect to see. Huge surprise!

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Meh. id rather sakurai and project sora do something different and give the reins to someone else.


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