Topic: OH WOW! The Amazing Spiderman 2 3DS looks AMAZING!!!!!

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memoryman, I have never heard anyone talking about the 3DS as a hybrid system, and I don't see its connection to Spiderman 2



How is the 3DS a hybrid system? If anything the Vita is more of a hybrid and we all know how that turned out...

Also, this is a Spider-man, let's... y'know, talk about Spider-man...

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This thread gave me cancer.

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Meh, don't bother at all. The movie got bad reviews and it's no surprise that the game will suffer as well.

Ruby is awesome, so be nice. You wouldn't want her to be on her bad side, do you?

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this game doesnt look that bad. but not good either. if i was 9-12, i wouldve liked it.

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Hy8ogen wrote:

This thread gave me cancer.


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