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This is highly unlikely, but would you like the NPC to come to the 3DS? I'd love certain titles to be reworked to use the slidepad.

Super Mario 64 DS- chances: good
Mario Kart DS- chances: poor
Star Fox Command- chances: poor
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass- chances: fair
The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks- chances: fair
Diddy Kong Racing DS- chances: fair

I'd especially like Mario 64. It'd make the controls a lot easier. Concerning Star Fox, I'll just sell it when Star Fox 64 comes out.

Basically, using the stylus causes cramps after awhile.

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Why Super Mario 64 DS? If we can use the slider for DS games then we wouldn't need it. It would only be for better graphics and 3d.

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I doubt that'd be enough of a controller change to warrant such a series. It's not like Gamecube to Wii as with the original NPC series


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I don't think slidepad control would be enough of a change to make anyone who had bought the originals but the new version. Good game choices though.

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NPC didn't really go so well in terms of the Wii... i don't see it happening.

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No more recycling, thank you. They should just concentrate on making new games (although i'm very interested to see how OOT's 3d version is going to shape up).



I want them to remake the original Sin and Punishment on the 3DS along with dsome of the lesser known retro games, but it might not be financially wise to do so unfortunately.


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How is it a new way to control it? The button layout is the same, right?

The Game.

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If they do have New Play Control! for 3DS, they really need to remake Meteos. It's a shame that game stopped being produced.

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maybe using a gyro for a game like custom robo arena, but idk otherwise

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StarFox wrote:

I'd love certain titles to be reworked to use the slidepad.

I would be very surprised if the slidepad wasn't supported for DS games. They don't need to remake games just for that one feature.



@Punnyguy. that wouldn't really be a 'New Play COntrol' game so much as a sequel to the first game, lol


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pikmaniac02 wrote:

@Punnyguy. that wouldn't really be a 'New Play COntrol' game so much as a sequel to the first game, lol

Either way, I would really like another slice of Meteos action, especially in 3D!
I am aware of Meteos: Disney Magic, but that wasn't as good as the first.

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@Rift: I hope the slidepad works with DS games. The listed games would do well with it.

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Nah... I would rather have a virtual handheld service.

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The Zeldas seem as the least possible due to the 3DS putting more notice into the top screen.



Give me some F-Zero with a combination slide-pad and tilt control system.

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New Play Control? I sure hope not. Let's just hope Nintendo will give us more good original content on the Nintendo 3DS like Kid Icarus Uprising!

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Super Mario Sunshine? How about some gamecube games such as metroid prime?

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I Think that when playing DS games on 3DS you can use the Slide Pad as a substitute to the D-pad like when playing GBA games on the GB Player you could use the control pad


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