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the_shpydar wrote:

I completely forgot this was coming out

Yeah me too! It came out yesterday? Gee, I am not on top of things, lol. Too much Pokémon, I guess.

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I want to know how this is. My bet is mediocre like every other lego game for 3DS.

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Not sure if this was already posted. Hopefully I will not get blasted for being stupid, but I must be missing something obvious. Some of the challenges have you beat an enemy with 'Super Moves'. For example, 'Beat 3 enemies with a single super move'. For this one (and other similar challenges), I think I have completed them over and over. Even went as far as to beat 3 different 'types' of enemies in a single 'Super Move' and still cannot get credit for the challenge. I assume a 'Super Move' is the extra moves for a character activated from the touch screen? Has anyone else had this problem or have a guess as to what I am doing wrong??? THANK YOU!!!



I just played the demo of this, and I'm not sure what to think.

I liked:

  • This game looks really good (especially compared to Lego Batman 2 & Lego Lord of the Rings). It's very vibrant, smooth, and there's more going on in the background than in past Lego games.
  • The combat system is almost surprisingly deep. With your standard attacks, ranged attacks, dodging, super attacks, & tag attacks, it's a large improvement over past games (well, at least based on demos).
  • The boss fight at the end was much better than any of the villain encounters in the Lego Batman 2 demo. It wasn't hard or anything, but there's noticeably more to it.
  • You start out playing as Hulk, Iron Man, & Spider-Man! Not a bad place to start at all.

I disliked:

  • The video quality of the cutscenes is still terrible. It's clear they just took footage from the console version of the game, & compressed it.
  • The timer. It makes for a faster, more action paced game, which is fine itself, but goes against the very core of Lego games, which is covering every nook & cranny of the level, looking for studs to collect.
  • There wasn't anything to construct, which really felt odd. Now, video reviews I've seen (at least for the console version) mention constructing still being an integral part of the experience, so I'm sure they're still there, but it's odd there was nothing in the first section whatsoever.
  • No jumping. I assume this comes at the cost of the deeper combat system, but it just feels odd that you can't jump or fly. (you can web swing as Spider-Man by flicking up on the touch screen).


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I don't like the format of this game. It's not like lego batman or lego lord of the rings with platforming, constructing or any real exploration. It's more like a beat em up type of game from what I played. It just wasn't what I was be expecting. The game can be finished in about 3 hours. In mission mode there is no switching characters in the level because it seems like each mission is tied to one character and then you have a partner e called in for special moves. This opens up in free play.

Maybe the video reviews were talking about the console because there's not much building except for maybe constructing a bridge to cross over but other than that it's pretty bland. I would rate it as the worse of all the Lego 3DS games even though it has voice acting unlike undercover and the best graphics. It just feels like it was a rushed game.

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I'll be getting this, mostly since the amazing Stan Lee is a playable character.

I'd probably get it on 360 or the Wii U though, 3DS LEGO games in the past have been watered down in my opinion.

This game looks pretty cool.

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