Topic: IGN reviews the Nintendo 3DS (7.5/10) & Steel Diver (7/10)

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ballkirby1 wrote:

I either have freakishly huge pockets or everyone else has small pockets because I can fit an XL in my pocket like it is a sheet of paper.

You got some big pockets then dude, lol.

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Kadunta wrote:

The review made no change in my decision of whether to get the console or not. I think it more or less solidified my decision to not get it, at least not in this hardware revision.

Battery life two to five hours? My roundtrip time to work and back is smack down in the middle of those figures, so for the remainder of my time I'd probably turn to listening to my MP3 player that I'd have to carry around as well then. Carrying one such an electronic device with me is enough, and the commute is pretty much the only time I'd be playing with the console.

There's no killer app in the game line-up for me or in the announced titles that I am aware of. Don't forget Wii had a great killer app, and it came with the console already in the launch.

Lol wii sports killer app

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Lol wii sports killer app

A universally praised game that can be enjoyed by anybody and everybody?

Killer app.



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