Topic: IGN reviews the Nintendo 3DS (7.5/10) & Steel Diver (7/10)

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Just took a look at the video and written review for the Nintendo 3DS at IGN, and it's less than stellar, really.
To each his own, they say. But I'm still honoring my wishes to claim a 3DS.

For anyone who cares:

Written review:

Steel Diver also got an early review, if you want to check it out:

(Of course, keep the bashing to a minimum please. )

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As you said, to each his own. I'm thoroughly impressed with the 3DS and it's really got me excited for the things to come for it. Analog stick, 3D visuals, familiar and comfortable design, and a whole new world of games coming up. I'm stoked and ready to go.

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pikku for them, I guess. I know I'll be enjoying mine. :3


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Ha, ouch.

I take IGN as seriously as I do my local meteorologist, but I do agree the 3DS does not seem like a perfect system. This is why I've never thought about pre-ordering it.

I'll wait and see how inconsistent the 3D is and what other problems arise before I spend 300 dollars.



They didn't really give it a bad score, they just kind of deducted a lot of points based on flaws that we already knew about (battery life, slightly lackluster launch titles, the "sweet spot.") I've still got mine on pre-order lock down and counting the days till next Sunday so I could care less what IGN thinks.

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Read the review, it told me nothing I didn't already know. The biggest issue seems to be the price, which I totally agree with. It's too expensive and if I wait, there's bound to be better games and improved hardware down the line. This won't stop the tech-heads and fanboys from buying it day one, but for the rest, it's just hard to justify the price with the current content.

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Ehh, they make some solid points. It's the games that matter, so we really need to see those big name titles before a definitive opinion about the system can be made.

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Only a 7 for Steel Diver I see. Might get it once it's cheap (which hopefully it should be by the time I get a 3DS) but there's no way I'm paying $40 for it.

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I found all of their points valid, I just wouldn't have taken off so much for them. Battery life is not good at 3-4 hours for 3DS games and the system is a bit expensive. I personally like the build of it, but I would have preferred a tackier surface on it to make it less slippery. A 7.5 is pretty good, all things considered, but I'd probably have given it an 8.5. Just me personally.

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zezhyrule wrote:

Wait, they reviewed a console? Surely no one goes by reviews to decide whether or not to get a console?

You'd be surprised.

IGN gets a ton of traffic and there's no doubting a decent portion of those users reading that 3DS review will have their pre-order decision impacted by what they read.

Now word of mouth and game releases likely change a lot of that, but reviews like this do make a difference, no matter how small that may actually be in the grand scheme of things.

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Corbie wrote:

I found all of their points valid, I just wouldn't have taken off so much for them.

That's exactly what I was thinking. They did make good points and brought up everything that was wrong, but their issues with the system don't really seem to justify the less-than-great score.

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It's funny because as popular as IGN is, when I talk about IGN in public with gamers, like those at Gamestop, few people know what IGN is. How is that possible? I'll never understand that.

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I saw IGN and said

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It was a fair review. I agree with all the points they made; nevertheless, like Corbie, I probably would have rated it higher. I comes to what I always say regarding reviews and review scores: the text of a review is (ideally) an objective evaluation of an item's features, strengths and weaknesses, framed by the reviewer's perspectives. The review score is the summation of those points, each scaled to the individual reviewer's positive or negative affectation by them.

Unless you're intimately familiar with a particular reviewer's tastes and values, a single score isn't really a good indicator of whether or not something will work for you. You have to read the text, then re-frame the score from your own viewpoint as best you can. A well-written review should, in my belief, allow you to do this fairly. Scores become more useful when aggregated, because they average out a wide range of individual opinions, which should give some form of consensus about the quality of a game. It still doesn't necessarily indicate if it's worth it for any specific person, but it's a much more useful tool, in general.

Edit: Oh, and, still getting it day one. Yes.

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Still getting it.

Lucky for those who are waiting, Reggie mentions that there will no shortages. Though, that's just him saying. You never know. But if you're confident, more power to you and I commend your patience. I just want to take the risk and I want this to be the first console I get on it's launch day. Proudly.



...Since when did they start reviewing consoles? o.0
Well whatever, still gonna be enjoying my system, even if it doesn't have a great launch lineup.


I liked watching the guy playing Street Fighter IV. He just kept mashing the R button

Sounds pretty good though. The battery life is going to be a huge thorn in my side though. I usually play my DS when I'm out of the house, so a long battery life is a must for me. Oh well, I'm not going to buy it at least until Kid Icarus comes out.

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Humm what system had a great launch line up. I recall the ps3 getting bashed for this. Not to many systems have had a great launch line up. I think its all about variety and the 3ds has that going for it. 2 racing games to choose from soon two fighting games. Flight sim I mean come on. The only thing it wont have is a rpg and that's understandable!

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