Topic: How long until the 3ds dies?

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Well ok but I was only talking about a specific claim you keep repeating. You've said a few times in this thread that the 3DS isn't dead because it was the platform that sold the most software in 2017. Not only is that not true but it hasn't been true for the 3DS at any point.

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It's probably 50/50 but i'm a hypocrite and annoyed at Nintendo. I'm getting a 2ds xl basically to play the Snes games, GBC and Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. I really wish it was as easy to just port these games over to the Switch the system i have already instead of feeling forced to get a 2ds xl to play them oh well.



@canucksfan989 If that's all you're getting it for shouldn't you wait until Nintendo's revealed the paid online service? Of course Ultra Sun/Moon will stay exclusive to 3DS but retro games sounds like something Nintendo will talk about around the same time as the proper reveal of the paid online service.

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@Grumblevolcano Got impatient waiting to be honest and got a good deal on eBay 126 cad or 101 USD for a 2ds xl refurbished no sd card but has a charger. I probably should of still waited but yeah impatient and I should of just kept my 3ds xl with more games I foolishly sold for 150



I think it's got all of 2018 on the market, and even 2019, but I do think that at some point in late 2019, that they will announce that the 3DS range/family will be discontinued from a certain date in 2020.

I hope I'm wrong though TBH as I want it to have an even longer lifespan.

Who knows though, they seem settled on the 2DS and 2DSXL leading the charge in most places, with an incredible catalogue of games built up that still continue to sell.

As long as they're still making money from the console sales and the games already on the market, just let them sell, even if they choose to now rarely develop any new games for it.



@skywake sorry

@GuruOfGreatness Man I hope your right. If you look at it. It certainly could be.

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Good bye to the Switch. I sold my Switch and didn't price gouge anyone. That's probably it for home consoles me at 52. I love 3DS and consider it to be my console. The Switch went to a nice family with kids I'm sure who will love it for years to come.

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