Topic: Does anyone else feel pokemon red and blue have aged badly?

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I know I am going to get hate for this, but I replayed blue about a month ago and I realized that thr game wasn'tas fun as I remember it to be. Don't get me wrong, they are still decent games, but they have aged badly, gameplay wise. I still like the music. Psychic types are so broken in battle you only need a kadbra on your team to win, the special attack and special defense stat were combined, which again, made psychic types broken. Critcal hits just come in randomly. I feel the selection of pokemon to be small, and you just need the same pokemon team to beat the game, which doesn't give room for much strategy. I still like the games, I just feel they have aged badly.



The biggest thing that annoys me is that you can't run..

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I forgot to mention you can't run, although I thought that didn't effect it too much for me. I was talking about the battle system.



That's what the bike is for. The music in Red and Blue give me a eerie feeling though. Most of those tracks feel... not so happy. (Viridian Forest for one).

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And that's why Fire Red and Leaf Green were made. To be honest, I think every 8 bit RPG has aged badly...

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I love fire red and leaf green! I had a shiny golduck on leafgreen. Why did I have to lose it?



Geonjaha wrote:

It's a long list.
But yes, everything else about the Pokémon games was vastly improved since then, which is why FireRed and LeafGreen are the best way to play Gen 1...too bad SoulSilver and HeartGold are so damn easy compared to their originals.

0-0 i didn't even know half of those glitches existed...



I've played this game a long time ago and even then it aged horribly.

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I thought this was a well-known fact. The only things that still holds up are the "bonus dungeons" and the fact that you can do a few of the middle Badges in different order. Otherwise they're practically unplayable.

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By games standards of today, heck yes, they've aged badly.
But, compared to other Gameboy games, they're still OK. I'd recommend the GBA remakes to anyone over the originals, though.

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If I remember correctly... I once read somewhere that even during their initial release, they were primitive compared to other games of the time. I think it had to do with the fact that they took like 6 years to develop.

They still were very popular though.

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I'll admit though, the Surf battle animation (Probably from Gold/Silver) is still better than the current (B/W) animation, lol
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Let's also not forget that moves like wrap and fire spin in the games are extremely broken and that legendaries can somehow dodge pokeballs. Only someone with some serious nostalgia goggles would defend the originals as being the best in the series.



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Ok, thank you for answering my question.



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