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So I'm planning on buying a 3DS and a few games in less than a months time, but I'm really uncertain on what model I should buy - I'd like the price to be reasonable of course, yet I want the one that feels and plays best (I would get 2DS but I think it would feel weird to play and no 3D is a bit disappointing).

So what do you all recommend me? Please try to explain why I should get the respective model you recommend, thanks.


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Get the XL, the bigger screen is worth it for sure.

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I've got a 3ds and love it - but I get a bit envious when I see the screen size of the XL that my friends have. That said I went overseas for 4 months earlier this year and I would have struggled to carry around anything other than the most basic model!



The XL has bigger screens, better buttons along the bottom (real buttons versus whatever you call the old, flat push areas), and the top screen no longer touches the lower bezel, which can lead to scratches on the top screen. My top screen hasn't scratched, but I do have to rub off the little line it leaves after it's closed. Also, the XL will be on sale for $149 at Target on Black Friday, if you brave the crowds.

I only have the original 3DS until next week, and it's a great machine. I don't have a problem with the 2DS, but I do like the 3D effect. Some people call it a gimmick and never use it, but I always do. So I don't think you can go wrong, but I'm getting my XL soon.

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3DS XL - Best
3DS - Most Portable
2DS - Cheapest

If you can afford it and portability is not your primary concern go for the XL is definately worth the extra 30 bucks over the original modle

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The 3DS XL is absolutely worth the extra price.
I loved and played to death my original 3DS, but getting an XL was a big upgrade.
Not a fan of the 2DS, I really wouldn't recommend it over the other two in any circumstances.

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I concur with everyone saying that the XL is the way to go.
I was one of those people who bought the 3DS the day it came out. I had few problems with my console.
However, buying the XL later was an absolutely worthwhile upgrade. It fixed most of those criticisms I did have with the original 3DS: the stylus was finally just one-piece, not something you need to extend, and it was on the right side. Also, the sharp edges on the original 3DS looked awesome, but also tended to make your hand tired pretty quickly. And the larger screens (on most games) are just amazing- I was in awe at how much better some titles looked, like Kid Icarus: Uprising, and OoT3D. There's also less "ghosting" with the 3D, I noticed.

I haven't used one, but honestly I think if you can afford the others you have little reason to get a 2DS... I mean it doesn't even have a closing lid...

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Have owned a 3DS and an XL, and I can tell you that the upgrade was absolutely worth it. The XL is the way Nintendo's portable should be experienced.

2DS is a neutered version of the 3DS. No clamshell design. No 3D. Only one speaker, instead of two.

The original 3DS is better, but it has tiny screens, awful stylus and d-pad placement, a glossy exterior that smudges easily (vs. the XL's smooth matte finish), no actual buttons for home/start/select, etc.

The XL has only one problem that I've seen: the external speakers are much quieter than the original 3DS' speakers. Other than that, everything is better.

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I like my Cosmo Black 3DS best. Might change to XL at some point but I don't see it as an upgrade. It has many disadvantages like worse PPI, different placement of headphone cable, lower volume, less of a cool color of course, etc.

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@dumedum I was pretty skeptical of the XL at first myself (for various reasons, some which you've stated), but eventually decided to get one for myself and completely changed my mind on the thing.
Whilst the original 3DS does have some advantages (mainly the louder volume and brighter screen when plugged in), I personally have found the XL to be a pretty big upgrade.

If for whatever reason you go for the original 3DS, then make sure to get some screen protectors right away to stop your top screen from getting ruined, and go easy on the shoulder buttons because they have a tendency to break really easily.

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i still think my cosmos black 3DS from the launch is best xD
tried the XL at a store and didnt like it at all. headphone jack isnt in the middle which annoys me and it just feels a bit too big even though i dont have small hands. i have no idea how people take their XL with them without a bag.

i have some custom made bumpers so the topscreen wont touch the bottom one when the 3DS is close.

i would try both at a store if you can and see whats the most comfortable for you. 2DS is only for kiddies or people who cant see 3D

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XL is the best ergonomically designed 3DS hands down. Owned a 3DS beforehand and I couldn't go back to it honestly. The XL base is round and just rests comfortably in your palm as opposed to the edgy layered body of the OG model that strains the hands a bit. The XL buttons, especially the Dpad feels more GBA SP levels of clicky and less like the squeaky OG model which is a godsend. The bigger screen is a plus especially if you want to play DS & VC games in their original 1:1 scale.

The only reason I can see you wanting an OG model is if you want the screen display to be crisper and have a sleek looking system(Which also doubles as a finger print magnet). Also, it has that gorgeous Purple color. But the XL wins just for the comfort and VC factor.

As for the 2DS, unless you really hate the clamshell design, you'd best skip this out. I can buy a 2nd hand XL model in great condition for at least the same retail price as the 2DS so the price isn't an issue here.

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Wow the XL seems very popular haha, I guessi'll try to get theXL then since it sounds superior. The price is the only issue and even then it isn't very prominent.

Thanks you everyone who has helped


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I'm getting my 6-year old son a 3DS for Christmas, and while I'd prefer to get the XL for my own personal reasons, there will be a Luigi's Mansion 3DS bundle at Best Buy for 149.99 on Black Friday. My son wants MK7, so we'll get him that game too. But I'm most interested in Luigi's Mansion, so it knocks out two things at once. So we're probably going to go with the 3DS, so I hope it works out okay.




The original is best! Get it! It is affordable, it has a beautiful glossy finish, fits in your pocket (unlike the 3DS XL and especially the 2DS), the screen size is great because the pixels aren't oversized (like the 3DS XL) making it look nice and crisp, and if you get scratches you won't really notice them (unlike the 3DS XL and 2DS).

Please get the 3DS, worth your purchase!!!

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I only have my old Aqua Blue 3DS and I must say if you're not careful to the point of having a protection clotch between the 3DS screens when it's closed get a 3DSXL or a 2DS... my screen got some really bad risks just from putting it on my pocket with no protection and now everytime I turn the 3D on the risks become glaring and too distractive to play...

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having tried a 3DS XL recently, I decided to stick with my OG model & hori wheel combo. more comfortable, fantastic L&R buttons, much sharper image quality. i find both models to have bad ergonomics in vanilla form - square shape, buttons close to the edge, shoulders.

3d effect is better on the bigger screen, how acceptable the low pixel density is varies from person to person. most think it's fine, i find the resolution too low to be blown up to the XLs size. then again the OG screens are a bit too small. pros and cons with both models, it's definitely not clear cut when you factor in using the hori wheel grip on the OG. speakers are also worse on the XL model, but the battery life considerably better. confused yet?



seriously if you have problems with scratches on your 3DS screen just make yourself some bumpers.
i used the little bumpers people put under furniture so the floor doesnt scratch from moving furniture. it works really good. and you dont even notice them that much, cause the bumpers are all black like the screen itself.
and btw the scratches i got on my topscreen without the bumpers are not real scratches, because after having used bumpers for a few weeks/months now the scratches disappeared completely

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Hmm, I'm weighing in on this discussion because I recently bought a midnight purple 3ds this past week. I'm loving it, I've gone through a battle over which 3ds I was going to buy, regular or XL. I had a pre order down for the Zelda XL, but I'm a sucker for physical copies and the price with tax was a bit too much for me. The shiney gold on the inside is a bit too flashy for me aswell. So it was down to a black XL or a regular purple. I chose the purple because im in love with the color and I was able to price match toys r us 150 price mark, so it was hard to refuse. My main reason for buying a 3ds this week is because of Zelda of course. It's the game I've been waiting for, so I didn't really need a 3ds up until now.

That being said, I've had the XL before, a year ago in fact, but I was not impressed with it to be honest. I went from playing my girlfriends flame red 3ds, to a new XL, and I was completely let down with the brightness and resolution. I'm a videophile and it really bugged me. So I went ahead and sold it. I LOVE the matte finish and stylus, but with its heft, it's hard to hold for long periods of time for me. I may give the XL another shot since I've heard Nintendo have improved the screen brightness from the launch XL models (can anyone confirm this please?!).

For now I'm happy with my regular 3ds, silicone grip and nice case. It's portable and comfortable. The screen is SUPER bright and crisp, which I love! I'd recommend the XL as long as you don't give a crap about video quality. Nintendo REALLY did make the decision hard with the 3ds this time. They are both truly great consoles.

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RetroChaos-X wrote:

Wow the XL seems very popular haha, I guessi'll try to get theXL then since it sounds superior. The price is the only issue and even then it isn't very prominent.

Thanks you everyone who has helped

I would argue the XL is almost an requirement if your an adult just because the normal DS can = cramps with bigger hands. I recently purchase an XL and love it.

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