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I leave the WiFi on all the time, haven't updated, and I've had zero errors.



Do you have one of the games listed that causes the problem? Super Monkey Ball, Rayman 3D, Ghost Recon?

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I have Pilotwings and LEGO Star Wars. I'm 99% sure people have report the error screen while playing PW, and I know Kid_A and someone else had issues with bugs and glitches in LSW (I've had none and I've got around 6 hours logged on it).

Oh and no issues with any of the built-in software either, like Face Raiders and stuff.

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Is it that error when your screen remains totally black when you(or just i) turn on the system and hear the menu BGM and SFX? Sorry, dunno i'm having the error too or not. or a different error entirely.

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Ah but you didn't update. Smart move. I spoke to the manager at the Gamestop store in the city near here and she said they've had around 50 people come in asking about the error.

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i hope she's telling 'em to contact Nintendo, because this all sounds pretty ridiculous, lol.

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Weird how sporadic it is. It'd be interesting if we could get everyone who's had (or hasn't had) this error to list all of the games they've played on it and whether or not they've updated the system yet.
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I've had wireless on permanently since I got the device, have played Ghost Recon a fair bit as well, and haven't received any error screens as yet. If wifi is potentially the cause, maybe it could be the security settings on your router? Perhaps whether you have WEP, WPA or WPA2 encryption has an influence?

Whatever the reasons it shouldn't be happening, so hopefully an update is on the way.

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@tom: haha, i should hope you played it 'a fair bit' considering you reviewed it :3

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Hmmmm. I'm curious. Do all the errors occur at almost the same time, or is it just that they each go randomly?

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I haven't had the error at all but I haven't updated and all I've really been playing is Face Raiders since I haven't had the extra cash to pick up a game yet.

I've sent an email asking my friend if he did the update, since I know he has Super Monkey Ball to see if he's been getting the error with the wifi on or not but I haven't heard back from him yet.

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I got my 3DS w/ SSF4. I didn't get a error message until yesterday. It wasn't caused by SSF4, it happened when I went to the system settings and the screen went black. But, I think right before I went to the system settings, I turned on my wireless, so I think that has something to do with it.

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A couple days ago I got the error playing Monkey Ball. I was like "F*** no, I was hoping this wasn't going to happen to me."
Then about an hour later I was playing Ghost Recon and it did it again, so since then I've been playing with the wireless off. So, it's happened to me twice. And, only with the wireless on.

Forgot to mention that I updated my system. And, the errors started on that very day. I updated about three days after I got it.

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Updated : Yes
Games : Pilot Wings (Over 8 hours play time a couple 2-3 hours nonstop plays), SSF4 (Probably 2 hours playtime)
Wifi : Always on / I've never powered down my system either.
Also i've played 'Pokemon Black' about 4 hours and all the hardware/games/apps FaceRaiders, Music, Mii Plaza, etc. well over 12 hours.
Not a Single Error yet.

Hopefully i keep that up.

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Just encountered the error 2 more times in about 10 minutes while playing Monkey Ball. A total of 4 times now.

I'll take Corbs' advice now and keep Wifi off.

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I only get the black screen after closing out of sofware but tapping the d-pad or moving the circle pad for a while kicks the screen back in.

I've noticed with Nintendogs that I get a "the game has been removed" error message very occasionally too. I just take the cartridge out and put back in again to fix it. Hasn't happened with any of my other games.

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I'll just do that the SkaterCasper way.

Update : European / German update done after playing just a bit of FaceRaiders
Games : Ridge Racer 3D (Played for about four hours with WiFi on)
used built in software for over an hour straight too (with WiFi on)
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Encryption used for WiFi: WEP

And i haven't had any black screen error yet. My sympathies to all who are getting the error though.


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I could have sworn I had the WiFi off at least once when I got the error message, but I could be wrong. It seems whenever it happens to me it occurs multiple times in a row until I get frustrated and give up. Then I'll come back to it and won't have the problem for several days.

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