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I'll just do this the LTD way.

Updated : Yes. Europe / England
Games : Pilotwings (Played for about 10 hours with WiFi on most of the time)
used built in software for over 4hrs (with WiFi on)
Encryption used for WiFi: WEP
Also used the camera extensively , the music software etc,basically pretty much everything thats built into this baby!

No errors as yet.
Is this a North American only thing. Any japanese reports of this (though I'm sure they got bigger things to worry about at the moment ) or european?

What's this bit for again?


It happend to me recently when i played Rayman 3D, the screen appeared when the credits showed up...
Wi-Fi was on.
This is the first time this happend for me, and ive played non-stop since march 25 and ive played street fighter, pilotwings and ofc rayman.
Europe/Sweden, Updated.

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It happened to me the other day, I was on my friends list and the error appeared when I pressed Write Message. Wifi was on.


I had one playing Monkeyball yesterday. Turning off Wifi allowed another 2 hours of play without a problem.

North American Machine; updated.

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Well thats a relief, i think If this is a wifi problem this is gonna be fixed in a update.


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Never updated, got the error 1 time while playing around with one of the pre-installed apps. Formatted system to see if that might help, ...accidentally changed my friend code in the process, lol.

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Haven't updated and i have wifi always on.

Still no errors in the 6 so hours i have spent with my system.

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Yes, my Japanese 3DS had the error during Super Monkey Ball 3D, but I did update it and I had the wi-fi on at the time.

Oh and I haven't had a single black screen error since I turned the wi-fi off five days ago. Not one.

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I've not had the error but it creminds me of a problem I had with the Wii Internet Channel when the Beta was released. Every time I used it it would crash, and I was convinced it was a problem with the software. The problem turned out to be with an incompatibility with the router.

It might be a good idea to compare Wifi routers and ISPs to see if the problem can be narrowed down to a particular brand.

I am using a Buffalo router (the one Nintendo recommend for use with the Wii and DS), with Virgin Media 20Mb.

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My 3DS is updated, I always leave the Wi-Fi on and I pretty much only play Ghost Recon, yet i haven't gotten the error yet. Hmm...

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New scenario:

  • update done
  • kept Super Monkey Ball 3D in title screen --> got the error about an hour after that.
  • Encryption used for WiFi: WEP


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I use one of the most popular wireless routers on the market: LinkSys WRT54G. If that's the problem I'd sooner toss the 3DS as that router runs all of my game consoles, my PSP, and my DSi perfectly. I'll try to find another hotspot tomorrow and test the 3DS out on a different router.

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I've got the LinkSys WRT54GL here at home, and the connection security is WPA2-PSK. at work, it's some weird router CenturyLink provided (i'll get the specs off it when i go in this morning), and the connection security is WEP. still no errors whatsoever.

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I had my first black screen of death today. I was at a bus stop with the Wi-Fi on, like it always is. I was playing Nintendogs, when I needed to shut the 3DS for a minute. When I opened it back up, I had the black screens and had to shut down and re-start.

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I haven't had any problems yet and own sf4 pilot wings ghost recon and ridge racer. I also have never turned my wifi off either. I've log on quite a few hours as well. My wifi is though at&t.

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I wonder if it has to do with street pass. I have Wi-fi on and street pass off. I have never had a black screen.

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I pre-ordered my 3DS through Once it came I went out and bought Ghost Recon. I did the system update as soon as I opened up the 3DS box. I begun playing Ghost Recon with the wifi switched on. Three hours in I got my first BSOD asking that I restart the system. This continued to go on for weeks. I got the error many times. Typically after 1-3 hours of game play. I ignored it until the last time it happened... I was 17 hours into my campaign and had just saved prior to my new mission.... I was almost done the mission and having a great time when I got the error again. Frustrated, I did what it asked and powered off the system. When I turned it back on and loaded Ghost Recon again I discovered that my save file was now gone! 17 hours, down the drain. Well that was the last straw. I waited until the next day to call Nintendo, it allowed me to cool my jets and besides, I didn't have time then for what I thought might be a long call based on my experiences with Sony and Microsoft... To my pleasant surprise I was talking to someone within minutes of dialing the toll free number. Amazing concept, no long wait times. The guy I spoke with was really friendly and we talked about a few games while he researched the problem after I told him the symptoms and the unfortunate data loss in Ghost Recon. Then came the bad news. I would need to send my 3DS in for repair. Imagine, I just got the darn thing and I'm already sending it back for repair? He emailed me the details. Instead of sending it in I elected to return it to Future Shop for a full refund. I kept the pre-order bonuses and I have not returned Ghost Recon. I love Ghost Recon. I want another 3DS but I don't want to get another lemon.

My question is now that three weeks have past, what are your current experiences? I cannot find any new articles on the BSOD via Google. Most are either around lunch date or the week after. Is this problem widespread? If I go buy another one right now am I likely to encounter similar problems again? I consider the lost save file almost inexcusable. I have not encountered that sort of problem since playing FFVII 13 years ago with a 3rd party memory card. This is 2011. Yikes. Should I get a new console right away or should I wait? I am a long time Nintendo fan but this BSOD thing is really bumming me out. I had zero problems with my DS or my N64 or my SNES or my NES. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



I've never had the black screen error, although I've only been playing Super Street Fighter. I guess it occurs on certain games? I may be wrong.


I thought that the Black screen error had something to do with the console itself, not certain games. I updated my 3DS on Launch day, and I've been playing PilotWings and Nintendogs + Cats every day with wireless on, and I haven't had the error yet.


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Just to clarify, this Black Screen, is it when the 3DS screens just go black? Or the error message which tells you that an error has occurred please turn off your system or something? If it's the Error message i've only ever encountered that once. I updated my 3DS on the first day, never turned the wireless off, and hardly turn off my system. I find myself just leaving my 3DS on Sleep Mode most of the time. I got the error message when I tried to start up a DS game o-o. I restarted the system and never had an error since that. And I basically leave my 3DS on 24/7 with wireless on...

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