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Design the Official T-Shirt for Team Chien!

If you've ever been one of a legion of fans, you know that the best way to show your pride and look cool doing it is with the power of the t-shirt. Team Wiebe's in the lead with a snazzy design even if their leader no longer holds the record. Now, current champ Hank Chien is looking for YOUR help to remind him who's the boss. He's asking you, the fans, to design a t-shirt that will become the Official Team Chien sign of cool. If you're up to challenge read the rules below carefully and submit your entry!

About The Prize

Dr. Chien will select a single winner, the design of his choice will become the official Team Chien t-shirt and go down in Donkey Kong folk-law.

Find Out More

To get pumped, you can read our recent interview with Dr. Chien.

How To Win

It's simple, login or register and submit your entry, we'll then select the winner(s) and contact them via email.

Enter The Competition

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Closing date for entry is 26th February 2011, winners will be contacted via email.

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StarBoy91 said:

Are you gonna do those articles with a black background and white text from now on, or is this a one-time only thing?



Ickaser said:

I kinda wish I had a cool design in mind and mad photoshop skillz. But I don't.



Bensei said:

I thought about it for a second. But no real prize and I lose the copyrights for my design that I spent hours on to Dr. Chien and NL, even if I don't win? No thanks, not worth the effort.



Zach said:

@Bensei & defno It's not as bad as it sounds, that just frees us up to post the image on the site and for Hank to put it on a t-shirt without owing royalties. You can do whatever you want with your artwork, regardless of if you win. The shirts will most likely be sold on a small scale, for example, when Hank plays live at The Kong Off in March, so no one's out to gain profit from this. And in the end, it comes down to the fact that we have to paste somewhat intimidating-sounding legal junk on a contest like this.

@Crystalking18 I don't believe so. If I were a Billy Mitchell fan, I'd just wear a patriotic necktie to his live events.

Good luck everyone, enjoy the competition!



defno said:

I completely agree with Bensei here,
just does not seem worth it...



Corbs said:

If it doesn't seem worth it, don't do it. It's as simple as that.



Aviator said:

Question, I assume he is collecting entries from other place than NL correct?



Portista said:

I'm not sure I'm gonna enter this one. Drawing a design for a T-Shirt seems pretty hard. Also, do you win anything for having your design picked?



theblackdragon said:

Guys, this kind of legal mumbo-jumbo, while looking scary, is the same for any kind of art-submission contest on the internet. These are the permissions required in order for us to officially display your images without fear of reprisal and for Dr. Chien to be able to plaster it all over merchandise he'd like to sell, as well as use it for whatever purposes he sees fit (since it'll be his official logo, after all). If you don't like the terms, you are more than welcome to not enter. End of story.

Any further comments from either side of the debate poking at one another will be deleted. You have been warned.



Token_Girl said:

Yeah, this definitely sounds like a job for Pix. If I had any artistic skills whatsoever, I would totally be entering.



Bensei said:

I have no problem with the fact that Dr. Chien or NL use it for T-Shirts they're going to sell or their web-site. That was kind of obvious.

But the "you agree to forfeit all rights to it including ownership" made me think twice about it. I would have interpreted that line, that my design is no longer within my copyrights. But if I'm still allowed to post it on my web-site or use and alter parts of it for another design (e.g. if I want to re-use a hammer I used as a small part for Dr. Chiens logo), then it's okay for me.



Deviant_Mugen said:

Looks like I might be throwing my hat in for this contest after all, I just have to pretty this thing up a bit and hope it's up to snuff with the rules...



SilverBaretta said:

Hmm, I dunno.... I really want to enter, but I would have to hand-draw it, and that's generally not as fancy as the stuff those Photoshop pros do.



Deviant_Mugen said:

Thanks for the reply, Zach. I should have my entry submitted by today...

After much procrastinating, I have finally submitted my entry. If I don't win, eh, I had fun coming up with the design. Good luck to Dr. Chien at the upcoming Kong-Off...

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