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  • Poll Box Art Brawl #26 - Castlevania: Dracula X

    Whip it good

    Welcome back for another edition of Box Art Brawl, the weekly vote to see who triumphs over the first and second losers in a box art beauty pageant. Three regional versions of the same game cover battle it out to see who is the sharpest looker. Last week we had a returning series in the form of Resident Evil 2. We looked at the N64...

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  • News Yo-Yo Shuriken Is A Brand New Action Game That's Just Released For The SNES

    What year is it?

    We're positively swimming in new Nintendo Switch releases every week at this point - our constantly overflowing inbox serves as a regular, major indicator of this (send help) - but we don't expect to see new games arrive for the nearly-30-years-old SNES. That's exactly what we've been treated to today, however, with the launch of...

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