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  • Feature 30 Games We Might Get On The SNES Mini Classic Edition

    And some more which we'd love but probably won't get!

    As exciting as it is, it came as no surprise to hear about Nintendo's plans to release a SNES Mini Classic Edition in time for the holiday season this year. The NES Mini was a tremendous success and flew off the shelves as soon as stock arrived - you could argue that Nintendo did everything...

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  • News SNES Prototype Quik The Thunder Rabbit Uncovered

    Quite A Departure From The Original Amiga Game

    After the success of Sonic The Hedgehog back in the day there was a flood of animal mascot platformers on every system imaginable, trying with varied degrees of success to cash in on the overnight popularity of the genre. French developer Titus Software was one of many companies all over the world...

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  • Hardware Review Hyperkin SupaBoy S

    It's back, but is it better?

    The industry's passion for "new" retro hardware has been growing steadily over the past few years, and the launch of the NES Classic Mini finally signals Nintendo's entry into this niche yet vibrant sector of the market. Given the astonishing success of that venture it is almost inevitable that we'll see a SNES Classic...

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  • News Former SNK Staffers Are Bringing A New Fighter To The SNES

    Say hello to Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter

    A team of ex-SNK staffers are working on a one-on-one fighter for the SNES called Unholy Night: The Darkness Hunter. Yes, you read that right, the SNES. The project has passed under the radar somewhat, and only came to light thanks to a recent Facebook post regarding the game's playable debut at the...

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  • News Check Out This Fan Concept of an SNES Mini's Packaging

    C'mon, Nintendo, just make a real one

    The NES Mini only came out this past week, and seems to have drawn mostly positive reaction (barring the ridiculously short controller cord). This is a landmark moment for Nintendo, as it's never released a product quite like this before, and it begs the question of whether or not the company will continue to...

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