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  • News Veteran Game Designer Hidenori Shibao Passes Away

    Writer and director of SNES RPG Paladin's Quest

    We've got some sad news today as it's being reported that veteran writer and game designer Hidenori Shibao has passed away. Shibao was best known for writing and directing the Super Nintendo RPG Paladin's Quest, which was published by Enix. In later years Shibao would go on to work...

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  • Video Try to Remember these Top Ten Forgotten Mario Characters

    Can't do Mushbert-er than these

    Mario's had a lot of friends. So many in fact that you'd be pushed to remember every single one of them, and even then there's probably one or two you've just never even heard of. That's why we've teamed up with the excellent rabbidluigi so that we can collate the very finest of these Mario relics to put in front of...

Friday16th Mar 2018

  • Music There's A Secret Of Mana Folk Album And It's Beautiful

    Out today!

    The soundtrack to Secret of Mana has to rank as one of the best ever committed to silicon, with stirring battle songs rubbing shoulders with soothing lullabies and bittersweet tunes. Hiroki Kikuta's work remains masterful, even after all these years. We didn't think it could get much better, but it seems we were wrong - if you take...

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