It has felt like a long time coming, but NIS America has today announced that Ys X: Nordics will finally make its Western debut on Switch on 25th October 2024.

This comes roughly one year after the latest entry in the long-running Ys series arrived in Japan last September, but we're excited to finally see it come our way.

Ys X: Nordics will see you swapping between two heroes, Adol and Karja, on a quest to save Obelia Gulf from an oncoming civil war. Some gorgeous looking visuals accompany this storyline and, for the first time in the series, you'll be able to take to the high seas with naval exploration and combat. Ahoy!

Here's the official rundown on the game's features and a handful of screenshots from NIS America.

Two Heroes, One Story: Bound by unexpected circumstances, the young adventurer Adol and the Norman pirate Karja must work together to determine the fate of Obelia Gulf and its people.

Cross Action System: Swap between controlling Adol and Karja independently or together. Combine their unique strengths to overcome enemies, and build up the Revenge Gauge to unleash devastating attacks.

The Power of Mana: Harness the unique abilities of Mana to overcome challenges. Grapple and slide through dungeons, demolish obstacles, create new platforms, and uncover hidden treasures and critical points.

Sailor's Delight: The sailing ship known as the Sandras takes your exploration to new levels. Ocean travel, naval battles, and discovering uncharted islands are all made possible with this seaworthy vessel

Limited Edition physical copies of the game are now available through the NIS America store for $104.99 (or your regional equivalent). These bundles include a copy of the game, soundtrack, mini art book, "sling bag" and more goodies — what a way to see in its Western debut, eh?

Ys X: Nordics
Image: NIS America

Will you be picking up this one later this year? Let us know in the comments.