Emio / Luigi
Image: Ollie Reynolds / Nintendo Life

Nintendo recently revealed a short, spooky teaser for some sort of Switch game known as Emio. Details are pretty scarce at the moment, so naturally, fans worldwide have begun to analyse the trailer and speculate what it might actually be. Is it a new IP or an entry in an existing franchise? Is it being developed by Nintendo, or is a third-party project funded by The Big N? Is it from Silent Hill 2 developer Bloober Team? Who knows?

Since it's likely we're in for a bit of a wait until Nintendo spills the beans - whether that be mere hours or several days - fans have decided to kill some time by doing what they do best: create some awesome Emio fan art.

So we've compiled some of the best examples we've seen so far from social media, but if you've seen something yourself that you'd like to share (or you've created your very own masterpiece), then be sure to pop it in the comments section.

For now, let's take a peek at some Emio fan art...

What do you make of Emio so far? What's your best theory as to what it might be? Speculate and share your own Emio artwork in the comments below.