Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition
Image: Nintendo

Update [Thu 18th Jul, 2024 04:30 BST]:

Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition is now available on the Switch and following last week's reports about the involvement of indieszero, Nintendo Life can confirm this developer worked alongside Nintendo as one of the "authors of this software".

You can learn more about this latest first-party release in our full review. Nintendo has also rolled out a day one update which adds Survival Mode.

Original article [Thu 11th Jul, 2024 13:45 BST]:

Nintendo World Championships: NES Editon is just around the corner, scheduled to launch on the Switch on 18th July 2024.

Now, according to dataminer Yakumono over on social media, the developers of the game are none other than Nintendo itself and indieszero. If you're unfamiliar, the latter has collaborated with Nintendo on multiple projects, but perhaps most importantly assisted on the completion of NES Remix, NES Remix 2, and Ultimate NES Remix.

In other words, it's likely the best possible choice to assist on Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition.

The studio, founded in 1997, has also worked on the likes of Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain, Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, and Nintendo 3DS Guide: Louvre.

Nintendo is known to be quite secretive of its developers in recent years. The newly released Luigi's Mansion 2 HD was handled by Tantalus Media, while Princess Peach: Showtime! was developed by Good-Feel. Interestingly, however, we already know that Forever Entertainment is taking on porting duties for Donkey Kong Country Returns HD, a title not due for release until 2025.

Are you surprised that indieszero is helping out on this game? Makes sense to us. Leave a comment with your thoughts down below.