The Wholesome Direct has now wrapped for 2024 and we've put together another round up here on Nintendo Life showcasing every Switch-related announcement.

The games featured include announcements, release dates as well as demos for certain titles. Enjoy!

Kamaeru, a frog refuge - Now Available

"Kamaeru, a frog refuge by Humble Reeds - Foster a sanctuary for frogs and restore the biodiversity of the wetlands in Kamaeru, a cozy farming sim where you raise frogs by playing mini-games and decorating your habitat. Hop right to it!"

Critter Cafe - TBA

"Seek out fantastical critters in need of your help and build a new home together. Renovate your cafe, bond with your critters, and uncover the secrets of mysterious portals to give every critter a cosy home."

Discounty - 2025

"Manage your own supermarket, explore the tight-knit community of Blomkest, build friendships or make enemies as you uncover the town's secrets in this cozy management sim RPG!"

Moonstone Island - 19th June 2024

Garden of the Sea - later this year 2024

"Play and explore at your own pace in Garden of the Sea! Befriend the local creatures, craft decor for your garden, upgrade your home, cook new dishes, and complete quests to unlock new adventures"

Minami Lane - 2024

"Welcome to Minami Lane! Build your own street in this tiny cozy, casual management sim! Unlock and customize buildings, manage your shops, and maximize the happiness of your villagers to complete quests and fill your street with love!"

Caravan SandWitch - New Demo

"Caravan Sandwitch is a heartwarming adventure about communities helping one another. "You play as Halice who’s crash-landed on a desert planet. You need to call Mom so she can come pick you up, but the radio tower is so far away… Luckily, the locals are happy to help..."

Freeride - New Switch Demo

"Freeride is a game about YOU. Board a train to the Spirit World in our oddball RPG where you make friends, use telekinesis, find secrets, consume ice cream and chart your own path. Each character is uniquely troubled, and in helping them find their way, you might just find yourself, too." via Steam

On Your Tail - New Demo

"Embark on an intriguing seaside getaway you’ll never forget in On Your Tail™, a sleuthy story-driven 3D life sim of relaxation, investigation, and knowing how to play your cards right." via Steam

Sally - New Demo

"Sally is a life-sim game about community and belonging. Embark on a grand journey aboard a magic flying ship. Navigate daily life as a kid with a diverse crew unique to every game. Craft, cook, farm, build and explore the skies as you become who you want to be amongst your found family." via Steam

Afterlove EP - Coming Soon

"From the creator of Coffee Talk and What Comes After, comes a slice-of-life adventure set in modern Jakarta about love, loss and finding your own way forward. Step into the shoes of Rama, a young musician struggling to move on with life after the death of his girlfriend, Cinta." via Steam

Dawnfolk - TBD

"Dawnfolk is a charmingly dark minimalist survival city-builder. Collect resources and rebuild your realm one tile at a time as you protect your settlers from oppressive shadows. Can you unveil the secrets of the monoliths to bring light back to the world?" via Steam

Kulebra and the Souls of Limbo - Coming Soon

"Use your wits, kindness, and maybe a good whack to gather clues, items, and evidence that will help the residents of Limbo move on. Untangling an afterlife is no easy feat, especially when you don’t have feet!" via Steam

Magical Bakery - TBD

"Experience a life full of magic, challenges, and the joy of creating sweets that will leave a spellbinding impression on your customers. Become the ultimate magical baker and prove yourself worthy to inherit the Magical Bakery!" via Steam

Omochapon - TBD

Petit Island - TBD

"Welcome to Petit Island! "Relive your grandpaw's youthful adventures by exploring the island and capturing beautiful photos in this open-world photo exploration game. Can you help grandpaw remember his past, and discover the newfound adventuring spirit in yourself?"

Pine: A Story of Loss - TBD

"Alone in the forest glade he shared with his wife, a woodworker struggles to accept her passing. Help him hold on to cherished memories of their life together as he struggles to care for himself and his now empty home. Pine is a single-serving game focused on telling a beautiful, emotional tale."

Ringo's Roundup - TBD

"Collect and deliver mail in this cute pathfinding puzzle game featuring Postbunny Ringo"

The Star Named EOS - TBD

From the creators of Behind the Frame, capture photos and step back in time to experience the moments held within them in The Star Named EOS. "Help a young photographer uncover the truth about his mother’s disappearance and rediscover the beauty that is to be found in the world."

Times & Galaxy - TBD

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