Day of the Devs 2024
Image: Nintendo Life

Day of the Devs is here once again! This bi-annual celebration, from Double Fine Productions and iam8bit, of the weird and wonderful world of indies is always a delight, and at Summer Game Fest 2024, the showcase didn't disappoint.

We got a look at 20 games, including seven World Premieres. These range from the sweet to the silly to the spectacular. Some highly-anticipated indies — including Mossmouth and The Game Bakers' next games — might have stolen the show, but everything here is worth a look. The big question for us is, "Are these coming to Switch?". That's always difficult for these bigger showcases, but we've got all the answers.

Here is every single game announced at Day Of The Devs Summer Game Fest Edition 2024, and all confirmed Nintendo Switch games at the presentation.

Day Of The Devs Summer Game Fest Edition 2024 - All Confirmed Switch Games

Five games shown off during this year's Day of the Devs presentation are confirmed to be coming to Switch. We have more details on them below, but these are the games:

Every announcement

Here is every single announcement from Day of the Devs Summer Game Fest Edition showcase, confirmed platforms, whether they're coming to Switch or not, and some trailers or screenshots where available.

Simpler Times - Out Now (Switch unconfirmed)

Aaaaand we're starting things off with a shadowdrop! Simpler Times is a little bit like 3D Unpacking, except you're only moving from one house. As Taina, you're reliving the memories of your childhood home as you pack things away. It's a beautifully cosy experience, and if you have a PC, you can play it right now.

Is it coming to Switch?: No, this one's only on PC.

Battle Vision Network - 2025 (Switch unconfirmed)

Battle Vision Network
Image: Capybara Games

Capybara Games, the studio behind the brilliant Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes on DS (which is now available on Switch thanks to the Definitive Edition) is returning to its tactical roots, but with a "live" twist. Battle Vision Network is a PvP, 1v1 puzzle strategy game where battles only take five minutes. Climb the ranks, recruit new characters, and take part in seasonal events when this hits next year.

Is it coming to Switch?: PC and Netflix only for now.

Cairn - 2025 (Switch unconfirmed)

Image: The Game Bakers

If you've been wondering what The Game Bakers — developers of Furi and Haven — have been up to, well, it seems the team has been climbing mountains. That's what Cairn is all about. The team describe the game as the last in its "Freedom Trilogy", and you'll need to battle the elements to get to the top of the mountain.

Is it coming to Switch?: PC and consoles — that could mean Switch or the Switch's successor! Both Furi and Haven are on Switch, so fingers crossed.

Petal Runner - TBC (Switch unconfirmed)

Petal Runner
Image: Nano Park

One of our favourite games of the showcase was Petal Runner, which the team at Nano Park describe as a "love letter to Game Boy Color RPGs". It's an adorable slice-of-life RPG where you deliver pets to the residents of Sapphire Valley. Everything is powered with petals, too, and you have to play minigames to keep the pets happy and power up resources. We're really praying to see this on Switch.

Is it coming to Switch?: PC (Steam) is the only confirmed platform for this one, but c'mon, the Game Boy and Pokémon aesthetic? Surely we'll see this on Switch.

Karma: The Dark World - TBC (Switch unconfirmed)

You'll notice going through this list that there are a lot of horror games coming soon. Karma: The Dark World is one of the most striking. Taking place in East Germany in 1984, you play as a member of Leviathan's Thought Bureau who can jump into people's minds. With this skill, you have to piece together the truth of "a particular moment in time". Developer Pollard Studio has described the game as "Lynchian and Orwellian" and early footage seems to live up to those claims.

Is it coming to Switch?: Unlikely for now. The game is confirmed for all platforms but Switch.

UFO50 - 18th September 2024 (Switch unconfirmed)

Image: Mossmouth

Finally. Mossmouth's next project, UFO50, has a release date, and it looks absolutely fantastic. UFO50 is all about a fictional games console, and comes packed with 50 completely unique games. You'll follow the development history of a fictional games company all while blasting through a variety of genres and titles. It's been six years since Mossmouth first announced this game, and we're so glad to see it finally landing later this year.

Is it coming to Switch?: Developer Derek Yu has said he'd love to see it on Switch. UFO50 is PC-only at the moment, but this is one we're desperate to play on Switch. The Spelunky games made their way over, so perhaps...?

Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit - 25th June 2024 (Switch unconfirmed)

After more haunted cosiness? Then the sequel to Cozy Grove is exactly what you're looking for. Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit doesn't look to be shaking up the formula too much from the first game, but haunted bears, cute art, and a story powered by friendship? It's a winner, surely.

Is it coming to Switch?: It's a Netflix exclusive for now, but this is one we're confident will be on a Nintendo platform eventually.

Koira - 2025 (Switch unconfirmed)

DON'T NOD is publishing this lovely-looking tale about a boy and his best friend, a dog. After saving the puppy, you have to explore the forest in order to make your way home. You can play fetch with the dog, play with the dog, and chase the dog. But beware, not everything is friendly in the woods. Koira looks beautiful, and it tells its story without dialogue, so this is definitely one that will pull on the heartstrings.

Is it coming to Switch?: At the moment, it's only planned for Steam. Could be a Switch 2 port in the future, though.

Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure - 25th July 2024

We've known about this one for a while, but the big news here is that Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure has a release date! The game is launching next month, so we won't have long to wait. before we can shuffle the grid and go on an adventure.

Is it coming to Switch?: Yes it is!

Fear the Spotlight - 2024

Fear the Spotlight
Image: Blumhouse Games

Blumhouse is known primarily for horror films. But last year, the studio announced Blumhouse Games, a brand new video game division. And this is its first project — Fear the Spotlight. Developed by Cozy Game Pals, Fear the Spotlight takes inspiration from '90s horror games, fully embracing the blocky PS1-style visuals.

Is it coming to Switch?: Yep! Looks fantastic, too. This and Crow Country are bringing back a blocky era of horror.

Screenbound - TBC (Switch unconfirmed)

Inspired by FEZ, Wreck-It Ralph, Viewfinder, Super Mario Bros., and Tron — what a selection, hey? — Screenbound is a fascinating adventure game where you have to pay attention to two different screens. There's the big screen, your TV or monitor, and then there's the little "Game Boy" screen within the game. What happens on one screen may not happen in the other, but you need to keep an eye on both to make it through the game.

Is it coming to Switch?: Platforms haven't been confirmed for this one at all. You know we're hoping to see this on the hybrid console, though.

Zoochosis - 2024 (Switch unconfirmed)

And the winner for the most terrifying game we saw during Day of the Devs is easily Zoochosis. You're a zookeeper — yay! — and you're on your first night shift. But there's a problem: some animals are infected with a disease that turns them into mutants. Suddenly we're less excited about our jobs...

Is it coming to Switch?: Nope, this is another Steam exclusive, for now.

Tom the Postgirl - Q3 2025 (Switch unconfirmed)

If you have a messed-up sense of humour, Tom the Postgirl was practically tailor-made for you. Hilarious and horrifying, you are a very nosy postgirl who can't help but spy on the people she's delivering mail to. The unique art style and silent movie-style narrative cards only add to the strangeness. Just... don't get so wrapped up in the weird you forget to deliver the mail.

Is it coming to Switch?: It's exclusive to PC for now, but hopefully the Switch's successor?

Psychroma - Q3 - Q4 2024

Psycrhoma is an eye-catching pixel art horror game where you have to piece together your memories and understand how to break the current time loop you're stuck in. The blend of cyberpunk aesthetics and unsettling visuals work in tandem to create a story all about identity, memory, and fear.

Is it coming to Switch?: Yes it is!

A Little to the Left: Seeing Stars DLC - 25th June 2024

A Little to the Left: Seeing Stars
Image: Secret Mode

The cute, cosy puzzle game A Little to the Left is getting its second piece of DLC in just a few weeks. We got our first look at Seeing Stars — which focuses on multiple solutions, more stars, and many more cats. There are 38 new levels and 100 stars to collect, so if you loved the base game, you should definitely grab this one!

Is it coming to Switch?: Yep — the base game is already out on Switch, after all.

Hello Again - 2025 (Switch unconfirmed)

Hello Again
Image: Soup Island

Hello again to... Hello Again! Teased in 2023, Hello Again is a time loop game where you crash on an island filled with ancient ruins. To break the loop, you need to find out about the history of the island and these ruins. It's apparently the coziest time loop you'll ever play, and with inspirations such as Outer Wilds, Majora's Mask, and Animal Crossing... we believe it!

Is it coming to Switch?: Not for now; this is PC-only.

While Waiting - 2025 (Switch unconfirmed)

Optillusion has left the confines of the box for... basically everywhere. While Waiting takes a simple premise — waiting — and turns it into a puzzle game. This is a game all about waiting and being patient, but you can be a menace if you really want.

Is it coming to Switch?: Nope, PC and mobile. This one could eventually make its way over, though...

Afterlove EP - Q3 2024

After Coffee Talk and its sequel, Pikselnesia's next project is a heartfelt, heartbreaking story of love, loss, and music. Afterlove EP follows a musician living in Jakarta who hears the voice of his girlfriend after her death. This comes from creator Mohammad Fahmi — who sadly passed away in 2022 — and his love of Jakarta and music, and the team are excited to share the game with the world.

Is it coming to Switch?: Yep, you'll be able to get Afterlove EP on Switch on day one.

Phoenix Springs - 16th September 2024 (Switch unconfirmed)

Phoenix Springs oozes class and style. A self-styled "modern point-and-click" that uses bright colours and striking visuals, Phoenix Springs embraces modern conveniences while being inspired by point-and-click classics. As reporter Iris Dormer, you need to investigate the enigmatic community that lives in Phoenix Springs, and find out what connects Iris to them.

Is it coming to Switch?: Nope, this one's a PC exclusive for now.

Tides of Tomorrow - "Coming Soon" (Switch unconfirmed)

Tides of Tomorrow
Image: DigixArt

Closing out the show is a big one — DigixArt's next new game, Tides of Tomorrow, an ambitious multiplayer narrative adventure taking place in a world overcome by the "Great Flood". People are turning into plastic, and you have to try and survive in this ever-changing world with your friends — who are real people in the real world.

Is it coming to Switch?: No, it's only confirmed for PC, but DigixArt's Road 96 is on Switch. Maybe.

What's your favourite announcement from the Day of the Devs stream? Let us know down below!