Street Outlaws The List (Switch)

The latest Nintendo Download update for Europe has arrived, and it's bringing new games galore to the eShop in your region. As always, be sure to drop a vote in our poll and comment down below with your potential picks for the week. Enjoy!

Switch Retail - New Releases

Street Outlaws: The List (Game Mill, 22nd Oct, £34.99) - Fasten your seat belts and take a ride inside the world of American street racing in STREET OUTLAWS: The List! From a custom street rod to a race-ready farm truck, the vehicles - and their drivers have one thing in common: the need for speed. If you’re not on “The List,” you don’t matter. The “List” contains the 10 fastest street-racing cars in Oklahoma City and they are the best of the best.

bayala - the game (EuroVideo Medien, 24th Oct, £35.99) - The game based on the movie! When the dragons disappear, the power of magic might vanish, too. Together with Surah, you set off on an adventure-packed journey through forests, into caves and across bayala’s Dragon Mountains. Face off against the evil Shadow Queen Ophira, save bayala from certain doom, and bring back the magic!

Réussir : Code de la Route (French Highway Code) (Microids, 24th Oct, £26.99) - Discover the best way to learn the French Highway Code: on Nintendo Switch! Prepare for the exam, test your knowledge and challenge your friends in exclusive minigames. Enjoy all content in solo mode or with other players, overcome your blind spots with special quiz series, and reach the top of the online rankings.

Winter Sports Games (Joindots, 24th Oct, £21.79) - Off to the snow! It does not matter if you prefer to ski, bobsleigh or sled down the ice rink, or relax curling the stones over the ice when curling - there is certainly something for everyone here. There are six exciting disciplines to win tournaments and master challenges. You can play alone or with up to four players on the sofa - and all without a runny nose after the competition!

Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers (NIS America, 25th Oct, £35.99) - Join Sherry and her friends in this heartfelt adventure through time as they unveil the mystery behind why time has stopped in their beloved town of Clocknee.

Let's Sing 2020 (Koch Media, 25th Oct, £44.99) - All begins with the first tone! Sing as solo Superstar or perform with your crew and friends to rock every party! With the latest version of the singing game Let's Sing you can follow in the footsteps of cutting-edge artists and perform songs like Ava Max with "sweet but Psycho", Lewis capaldi with "someone you loved", Calvin Harris & dua lipa with "one kiss" And Rita Ora with "let you love me". Grab the mic and party to international smashers like Robbie Williams with "Angels" Or spice girls with "wannabe". Also, legendary classics like Queen with "the show must go on" Are part of a track list with 30 international tracks. Let's Sing 2020 offers a great variety and has hits for everyone! Whether you're training your voice solo or celebrating the next karaoke party with friends and family - fun is guaranteed with Let's Sing 2020.

Switch eShop - New Releases

Skullgirls 2nd Encore (Skybound Games, 22nd Oct, £19.99) - Skullgirls 2nd Encore is finally available to play on the go on Nintendo Switch! It is a beautiful, fast-paced, and critically acclaimed 2D fighting game that puts players in control of fierce warriors in an extraordinary Dark Deco world. Each of the 14 wildly original characters features unique gameplay mechanics and plenty of personality.

Cat Quest II (Pqube, 24th Oct, £12.99) - CAT QUEST II is a 2D open-world action-RPG set in a fantasy realm of cats and dogs. Under threat from a continuing war between the cats of Felingard and the advancing dogs of the Lupus Empire, CAT QUEST II tells the tail of two kings, brought together against their will, on a journey of paw-some discovery to reclaim their thrones. Play as both a cat and dog as you explore their kingdoms solo or with a friend! Quest in a world filled with magic, curious monsters, and go on a catventure like never before! - Read our Cat Quest II review

Dark Devotion (The Arcade Crew, 24th Oct, £17.99) - Explore the secrets of a mysterious fallen temple and put your Templar faith to the test in Dark Devotion, where no sacrifice is too great in praise of your God. Measure your devotion and your bravery by journeying into deepest darkness for answers to questions that will challenge your very existence. Spanning four unique worlds, each with their own incredibly detailed environments, you’ll wield dozens of weapons in your quest to discover the Temple’s secret: all the while assailed by dark enemies and devious bosses whose core mission is to destroy your soul and damn you forever.

Lethis - Path of Progress (Plug In Digital, 24th Oct, £16.19) - Lethis – Path of Progress is an old school 2D city builder set in a Victorian Steampunk universe called Lethis. You will have to build and manage cities, provide resources for your inhabitants while making sure there are enough workers to sustain your production lines. Trade with others cities, honor the requests of the Emperor and make your citizens happy.

Double Switch - 25th Anniversary Edition (Limited Run Games, 21st Oct, £10.79) - Originally developed by Digital Pictures and released in 1993, Double Switch has been completely rebuilt, bringing it to a level of video quality never before seen. You control a state-of-the-art security system wired into the building where you take part in the many simultaneous sub-plots as you sleuth to solve the ultimate mystery. Should you capture or protect the mansion's weird and wild inhabitants and intruders?

Monaco: Complete Edition (Pocketwatch Games, 21st Oct, £13.49) - Monaco: Complete Edition more than doubles the content from the original release, including a survival campaign, and a zombie mode, and a new ultra-challenging campaign that brings closure and a twist to the epic heist story. Play with up to four people online or on the same screen. Compete with others via daily leaderboards. Find out why it has been described by PCGamer as "one of the best co-op games of all time. "

Day and Night (Ridiculous Games, 22nd Oct, £16.79) - In this fast, fun and frantic puzzle game, match and collect blocks and stay alive long enough to change time, flipping both the game and the rules!
An epic battle between Day and Night sees two opponents - a friend or CPU - race to collect their own time-themed blocks while managing the blocks of their opponent. But when time changes, Day becomes Night, Night become Day and suddenly what's collectible and what's not is turned upside down!

PBA Pro Bowling (FarSight Studios, 22nd Oct, £19.99) - Lace up your bowling shoes and experience the most realistic bowling simulation ever created with PBA Pro Bowling! -Officially licensed PBA product. -Real PBA Tour Professionals! Belmo, Butturff, Tackett, Norm Duke, Walter Ray, and many more. Accurate pro bowling styles featuring motion-captured animations.

Sea Salt (YCJY Games, 22nd Oct, £13.49) - Sea Salt is an action strategy hybrid, in which you are an Old God summoning unfathomable horrors to blight the human lands. You will have your sacrifice, and humanity will pay for denying you what you are owed. Command an unruly troop of nightmarish creatures, cultists and horrors from the deep. Control the whole swarm at once, directing it to attack your victims or withdraw to avoid their defenses. Use the terrain to surprise and surround the weak-minded to make them lose their minds to fear.

Tangle Tower (SFB Games, 22nd Oct, £12.39) - Freya Fellow has been murdered. The lead suspect? A shadowy figure found looming over her body, wielding a knife. The problem? That suspect... is just a painting. Investigate the entirety of Tangle Tower, from the bizarre and eerie gardens, to the cold and ominous crime scene at the very top. Read our Tangle Tower review

The Park (Funcom Oslo, 22nd Oct) - Set in a creepy amusement park hiding a dark and sinister secret, The Park is a one to two hour-long first-person psychological horror experience focusing on intense storytelling and exploration instead of combat and action. A day at the park. . . a lost teddy bear. . . a missing child. As the sun sets over Atlantic Island Park, you must explore its dilapidated rides in search of your son, Callum. As darkness falls, you will experience panic and paranoia through a narrative written by a team of award winning storytellers.

〇× LOGIC PUZZLE 1000 ! (SUCCESS, 24th Oct, £11.39) - Simple but addictive! The Stick-out of brain training puzzle playing only with 〇 and ×! Simple logical puzzle with easy rules, filling 〇 and× in the cells ! There are 1000 quiz in 4 difficulties levels, try gradually the more difficult one, then fully enjoy the depth of LOGIC PUZZLE ! 【Rules for 〇× LOGIC PUZZLE】 ①Fill the same numbers of 〇 and ×in columns and rows. ②No more than 2 same symbols, ③No same filling patterns with other columns/rows.

Anthill (Thunderful, 24th Oct, £8.99) - Join the ranks of Anthill, a gorgeous strategy game from Image & Form - the studio behind the SteamWorld series! By drawing pheromone trails, you direct your ground forces to different destinations, working with streams of units rather than individual ants. Much like a tower defense game, your mission is to protect the hill as wave upon wave of enemy bugs are thrown at you.

Creepy Brawlers (Mega Cat Studios, 24th Oct, £4.00) - After a spectral hand pulls you out of your seat and into the silver screen, you become the underdog in an underworld championship. Lace up your gloves and get ready to duck, bob, and weave as you go toe to toe with a marathon of monsters. Better train like hell. . .

Dark Veer (Forever Entertainment, 24th Oct) - From the creator of Bedtime Blues and The Childs Sight "Time for bed sweetheart, it's very late. But I won't be able to sleep if you are away! I will be home before you wake up, it's only for one week. . . " You try to sleep, but strange things keep happening. Each night you try to explain to your father about these terrifying events. Unfortunately, like most parents, they chalk it up to a child’s imagination and nothing more. . . "What if I get scared? Many parents work the late shift sweetie, it's normal for grown-ups Dad, you did not answer my question! "

Desktop Rugby (SAT-BOX, 24th Oct) - All the excitement of rugby in the palm of your hand! Enjoy hair-raising scrums and dramatic conversions all through a casual control system! A whole field awaits on one school desk! Customize your team with individual player strengths and lead them to victory!

Fear of Traffic (BitService, 24th Oct) - Designed to find its sweet spot among families and infants, you will have great moments with Fear of Traffic. With its colorful world and a magical soundtrack, you will play in this game where your mission will be that of finding the way out, avoiding blocked roads, animals, odd objects on the way and dramatic accidents with other drivers.

Ghost Blade HD (eastasiasoft, 24th Oct, £10.79) - Ghost Blade HD is an intense Bullet-Hell top down shoot 'em up, composed by frenetic and addictive score-based gameplay. With its inspiration going back to the shooting games of the 1990s era, Ghost Blade HD ties old memories to current tones and techniques. Designed with a modern graphic style and special effects, Ghost Blade HD also features an awesome 2-player mode! Ghost Blade HD is easy to learn, hard to master.

The Legend of Dark Witch (INSIDE SYSTEM, 24th Oct) - True to its predecessor, The Legend of Dark Witch 2 retains its simple controls and enough challenges to satisfy the completist. Players have eight stages to choose from and must use SHOTs to make their way through a variety of obstacles to reach the boss enemy.

Skybolt Zack (GMG Label, 24th Oct) - A New Generation of arcade game Skybolt Zack is the result of a unique way of mixing platformer mechanics and color matching gameplay. Controls are tight and Zack’s ability to rocket punch, dash, focus, change direction when destroying an enemy and more, offers more depth than what meets the eye - following the “easy to learn, hard to master” mantra. It’s a platformer where you don’t jump, and a music game where you dictate your own rhythm. It feels like no other game!

Tennis Go (Sabec, 24th Oct) - A fun and simple to play Tennis game for everyone! Now you can play Tennis anytime, anywhere with Tennis Go. simply use the stick to control your character around the court to hit the ball and with a blend of speed and control win the crucial point and become the grand slam champion Chose between many fun characters to play with to defeat your opponent with. Tennis GO is for all ages and has been made so anyone can easily play.

Vortex Attack EX (KaleidoGames, 24th Oct) - Galaxy is in danger with hostile ships swarming from the opening vortex. Blast the swarming hordes with huge variety of upgradeable ships. This frenetic arcade space shooter featuring worldwide leader-boards and intense local multiplayer mode will keep you playing until all ships are unlocked and galaxies saved.

Deep Space Rush (Ratalaika Games, 25th Oct) - Join the DeTeam! A top-secret security force that protects the scientific space stations from virus contaminations! Take on randomly generated levels to save everyone before they all get infected. Avoid traps and monsters to survive the sweep! Are you ready to protect the space stations from biological threats? Then grab your gun, jump into your ship, and prepare for lift-off!

Dusk Diver (Pqube, 25th Oct) - When an unstable dimensional rift brings together Gods, Phantoms and Humans - headstrong highschool girl Yang Yumo must step up to protect the neighbourhood. Fight alongside your guardians as part of a dynamic action-oriented combat system and expand your abilities by immersing yourself in the bustling streets, stores, personalities and even cuisines of Taipei.

Horror Pinball Bundle (SuperPowerUpGames, 25th Oct) - Enjoy 3 games in one with the perfect reproduction of real pinball machines, with all kinds of graphic details and sounds. Discover all the secrets, in these thrilling games, witches, werewolves and mummies awaits you. Complete all the missions and become number 1 in the world or the best among your Friends, posting your high score on the online leaderboard.

Into the Dead 2 (Versus Evil, 25th Oct) - Journey through the zombie apocalypse in a race to save your family. Arm yourself with an arsenal of powerful weapons and do whatever it takes to survive. Maim, mow down, and massacre the Dead – anything to keep moving! In a world where no one is safe, how far will you go to make it out alive? - Read our Into the Dead 2 review

Into the Dead 2 Bundle (Versus Evil, 25th Oct) - Journey through the zombie apocalypse in a race to save your family. Arm yourself with an arsenal of powerful weapons and do whatever it takes to survive. Maim, mow down, and massacre the Dead – anything to keep moving! In a world where no one is safe, how far will you go to make it out alive? - Read our Into the Dead 2 Bundle review

Party Treats (QubicGames, 25th Oct) - Party Treats is a funny and innovative local multiplayer game that can be played by up to 4 players.

Pixel Gladiator (Drageus Games, 25th Oct) - You’ve been sent to an abandoned planet as one of the participants of the most popular Gladiator show. Your goal is to survive as long as possible, fighting back deadly creatures in the focus of billions of viewers. Kill your enemies to earn money and buy new weapons and upgrades. Defend your base with turrets and traps. You are funded by your audience, make sure to keep them entertained! Take the challenge and come out victorious from this blood bath with ferocious beasts! Become a champion of this painful and cruel show. Morituri te salutant!

Pizza Bar Tycoon (Baltoro Games, 25th Oct) - Look out, this pizzeria will soon become the best one in town! Well… at least that's your plan. The clients are already standing in line, and you have to serve them as soon as you can. It's harder than it sounds though! Everyone's in a hurry, and you have to prepare each order exactly - otherwise people will get angry! Give it your best and you will make it!

Soul Searching (QubicGames, 25th Oct) - Soul Searching is a narrative survival game where you control a lone traveler who sails from homeland to an endless sea. On the way, you’ll visit different islands, discover stories of their people, and learn about souls and dragons. At its core, this title is all about surviving in a hostile world as a peaceful traveler.

Ultra Off-Road 2019: Alaska (Ultimate Games, 25th Oct) - Ultra Off-Road 2019: Alaska is an exciting game in which you'll have the opportunity to drive around Alaska. Take on the role of a driver who tests his driving skills to the maximum. Advanced destruction system, dynamic time flow and great routes - everything is ahead of you!

Jewel Rotation (Sprakelsoft, 25th Oct)

Arcade Archives GOLF (HAMSTER, 25th Oct)

Mary Skelter 2 (Idea Factory, 23rd Oct, £28.79)

Switch eShop - Demos

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Demo (SEGA) - Join Mario, Sonic and friends for their greatest adventure yet at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020! Go for gold as you compete in action-packed sports games, including four brand new events to Tokyo 2020 — Skateboarding, Karate, Surfing, and Sport Climbing, as well as a large selection of classic events. Get the party started on your Nintendo Switch with a variety of ways to play, including button play and motion controls in multiplayer game modes that support up to four players locally and up to eight players online. Play as Mario, Sonic, Yoshi, Amy Rose, Luigi, Dr. Eggman, and many more of your favourite characters.

Jet Kave Adventure Demo (7Levels)

The friends of Ringo Ishikawa Demo (CIRCLE Ent.)

Demolition Crew Demo (xirBX)

Jewel Rotation Demo (Sprakelsoft)

Switch eShop - Pre-Orders

Earthfall: Alien Horde (Nimble, pre-order from 21st Oct)

Flan (AnelaGamesStudio, pre-order from 24th Oct)

Mononoke Slashdown (ARC SYSTEM WORKS, pre-order from 24th Oct)

The Big Journey (Nestor Yavorskyy, pre-order from 24th Oct)

Sky Gamblers - Storm Raiders 2 (Atypical Games, pre-order from 24th Oct)

New Super Lucky’s Tale (Playful, pre-order from 25th Oct)

puzzlement (, pre-order from 25th Oct)

Spirit Roots (Drageus Games, pre-order from 25th Oct)

Switch eShop - Special Offers

Game Title Saving Until
The Swords of Ditto: Mormo's Curse (Devolver Digital) -50% Mon 28th Oct
Pikuniku (Devolver Digital) -50% Mon 28th Oct
GRIS (Devolver Digital) -40% Mon 28th Oct
Plague Inc: Evolved (Ndemic Creations) -10% Mon 4th Nov
Outlast 2 (Red Barrels) -70% Fri 1st Nov
Outlast: Bundle of Terror (Red Barrels) -70% Fri 1st Nov
NBA 2K20 (Take-Two Interactive) -30% Tue 29th Oct
Nidhogg 2 (Messhof) -60% Wed 6th Nov
Golf Peaks (7Levels) -40% Sat 23rd Nov
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (CAPCOM) -34% Thu 7th Nov
resident evil 4 (CAPCOM) -34% Thu 7th Nov
Resident Evil (CAPCOM) -34% Thu 7th Nov
Resident Evil Revelations (CAPCOM) -40% Thu 7th Nov
Resident Evil Revelations 2 (CAPCOM) -40% Thu 7th Nov
Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King (FDG Entertainment) -33% Thu 14th Nov
Amnesia: Collection (Frictional Games) -35% Thu 31st Oct
SteamWorld Dig 2 (Image & Form) -50% Thu 7th Nov
SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition (Image & Form) -70% Thu 7th Nov
SteamWorld Dig (Image & Form) -70% Thu 7th Nov
STEINS;GATE ELITE (Koch Media) -50% Thu 31st Oct
SAINTS ROW®: THE THIRD - THE FULL PACKAGE (Koch Media) -40% Thu 31st Oct
Puyo Puyo Tetris® (Koch Media) -60% Thu 31st Oct
Blasphemous (Team17) -20% Wed 6th Nov
SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech (Thunderful) -25% Thu 7th Nov
Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum'n'Fun! (BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment) -33% Sun 3rd Nov
Little Nightmares Complete Edition (BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment) -60% Sun 3rd Nov
Cattails (FalconDevelopment) -50% Mon 4th Nov
Feudal Alloy (Attu Games) -40% Fri 1st Nov
Riddled Corpses EX (COWCAT) -33% Sun 3rd Nov
Xenon Valkyrie+ (COWCAT) -33% Sun 3rd Nov
Demetrios - The BIG Cynical Adventure (COWCAT) -50% Sun 3rd Nov
Crossing Souls (Devolver Digital) -50% Mon 28th Oct
PC Building Simulator (IrregularCorpor.) -25% Mon 28th Oct
Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Collector's Edition (nWay) -25% Tue 29th Oct
Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid (nWay) -25% Tue 29th Oct
Ben 10 (Outright Games) -40% Tue 29th Oct
Cartoon Network Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion (Outright Games) -40% Tue 29th Oct
Hotel Transylvania 3: Monsters Overboard (Outright Games) -40% Tue 29th Oct
Crayola Scoot (Outright Games) -40% Tue 29th Oct
UglyDolls: An Imperfect Adventure (Outright Games) -25% Tue 29th Oct
DreamWorks Dragons Dawn of New Riders (Outright Games) -25% Tue 29th Oct
Paw Patrol: On a Roll! (Outright Games) -25% Tue 29th Oct
Rolling Sky (Rising Win Tech.) -30% Mon 4th Nov
Save the Ninja Clan (Sometimes You) -60% Mon 11th Nov
Where Are My Friends? (Sometimes You) -83% Mon 11th Nov
One Eyed Kutkh (Sometimes You) -50% Mon 11th Nov
NBA 2K20 Digital Deluxe (Take-Two Interactive) -30% Tue 29th Oct
NBA 2K20 Legend Edition (Take-Two Interactive) -30% Tue 29th Oct
Street Basketball (Baltoro Games) -60% Fri 22nd Nov
Red Siren: Space Defense (isTom Games) -50% Fri 15th Nov
Mad Bullets (isTom Games) -50% Fri 15th Nov
Paper Train (isTom Games) -50% Fri 15th Nov
JYDGE (10tons) -55% Wed 30th Oct
Jet Kave Adventure (7Levels) -25% Sun 10th Nov
Gnomes Garden (8FLOOR Games) -40% Thu 7th Nov
Desert Child (Akupara Games) -35% Thu 31st Oct
Whispering Willows (Akupara Games) -35% Thu 31st Oct
Chicken Assassin: Reloaded (Akupara Games) -35% Thu 31st Oct
Meow Motors (ArtVostok) -35% Thu 7th Nov
Lost Kings Lullaby (Avance) -50% Sat 2nd Nov
Puzzle Box Maker (Bplus) -20% Sun 3rd Nov
Resident Evil 0 (CAPCOM) -34% Thu 7th Nov
Onimusha: Warlords (CAPCOM) -40% Thu 7th Nov
Devil May Cry (CAPCOM) -25% Thu 7th Nov
Braveland Trilogy (Ellada Games) -75% Thu 7th Nov
Fobia (Eugene Lazebny) -30% Thu 31st Oct
Venture Kid (FDG Entertainment) -33% Thu 14th Nov
Oceanhorn - Monster of Uncharted Seas (FDG Entertainment) -33% Thu 14th Nov
The Padre (Feardemic) -50% Sun 3rd Nov
Joe Jump Impossible Quest (Forsaken Games) -35% Thu 31st Oct
Monster Puzzle (Forsaken Games) -35% Thu 31st Oct
Nine Parchments (Frozenbyte) -70% Thu 7th Nov
TORIDAMA: Brave Challenge (G-mode) -30% Wed 30th Oct
Solitaire Klondike BLACK (G-mode) -20% Wed 30th Oct
SpiderSolitaire BLACK (G-mode) -20% Wed 30th Oct
The Adventures of Elena Temple (GRIMTALIN) -60% Wed 13th Nov
Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Owltimate Edition (HandyGames) -33% Wed 6th Nov
Sudoku Universe (indienova) -36% Wed 13th Nov
Flood of Light (indienova) -50% Wed 13th Nov
Brave Dungeon + Dark Witch's Story: COMBAT (INSIDE SYSTEM) -20% Thu 7th Nov
Forgotten Tales - Day of the Dead (Joindots) -50% Thu 7th Nov
Let's Sing 2019 - Platinum Edition (Koch Media) -25% Thu 31st Oct
Let's Sing 2018 Platinum Edition (Koch Media) -25% Thu 31st Oct
Secret Files: Tunguska (Koch Media) -50% Thu 31st Oct
Let's Sing 2019 (Koch Media) -50% Thu 31st Oct
Let's Sing 2018 (Koch Media) -50% Thu 31st Oct
Redeemer: Enhanced Edition (Koch Media) -30% Thu 31st Oct
Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis (Koch Media) -30% Thu 31st Oct
Manticore - Galaxy on Fire (Koch Media) -60% Thu 31st Oct
Alchemic Jousts (Lunatic Pixels) -30% Wed 13th Nov
MXGP3 - The Official Motocross Videogame (Milestone) -70% Thu 7th Nov
MotoGP19 (Milestone) -40% Thu 7th Nov
Degrees of Separation (Modus Games) -50% Thu 31st Oct
Shadow Fight 2 (Nekki) -33% Thu 7th Nov
BLACK BIRD (Onion Games) -50% Mon 4th Nov
Dandy Dungeon - Legend of Brave Yamada - (Onion Games) -30% Mon 4th Nov
Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa (Pqube) -35% Sun 3rd Nov
Our World Is Ended. (Pqube) -30% Sun 3rd Nov
Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story (Pqube) -45% Sun 3rd Nov
Gal*Gun 2 (Pqube) -55% Sun 3rd Nov
Root Letter: Last Answer (Pqube) -10% Sun 3rd Nov
PlataGO! Super Platform Game Maker (Pqube) -30% Sun 3rd Nov
Hell Warders (Pqube) -45% Sun 3rd Nov
Nippon Marathon (Pqube) -45% Sun 3rd Nov
Tokyo School Life (Pqube) -45% Sun 3rd Nov
RAZED (Pqube) -55% Sun 3rd Nov
Muddledash (Pqube) -55% Sun 3rd Nov
Hook (Rainbow Train) -50% Thu 14th Nov
Just Black Jack (Run-Down Games) -50% Wed 13th Nov
Chalk Dash Carnival (SAT-BOX) -70% Tue 19th Nov
Run the Fan (Silesia Games) -40% Thu 31st Oct
Welcome to Hanwell (SteelArtsSoftware) -21% Thu 31st Oct
Darksiders Warmastered Edition (THQ Nordic) -33% Thu 7th Nov
Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition (THQ Nordic) -20% Thu 7th Nov
Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy (THQ Nordic) -50% Thu 7th Nov
Spy Chameleon (Unfinished Pixel) -30% Thu 7th Nov
Super Volley Blast (Unfinished Pixel) -30% Thu 7th Nov
Firefighters – The Simulation (United Independent Entertainment) -66% Thu 7th Nov
Firefighters: Airport Fire Department (United Independent Entertainment) -66% Thu 7th Nov
Professional Farmer: Nintendo Switch Edition (United Independent Entertainment) -66% Thu 7th Nov
Professional Construction – The Simulation (United Independent Entertainment) -66% Thu 7th Nov
The Bunker (Wales Interactive) -50% Thu 7th Nov
Don't Knock Twice (Wales Interactive) -50% Thu 7th Nov
Them Bombs! (YELLOW DOT) -30% Mon 11th Nov
Brunch Club (Yogscast) -30% Sat 2nd Nov
Klondike Solitaire (Baltoro Games) -30% Sun 24th Nov
Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't Dry (Assemble Entertainment) -30% Mon 4th Nov
Deadly Fighter 2 (Cool Small Games) -75% Sat 23rd Nov
Animal Fight Club (Corvostudio di Amadei Marco) -40% Sun 10th Nov
Tardy (Drageus Games) -70% Sun 24th Nov
Dead Dungeon (Drageus Games) -80% Sun 24th Nov
Hyper Sentinel (Huey Games) -91% Fri 1st Nov
The Mystery of Woolley Mountain (Huey Games) -85% Fri 1st Nov
Mummy Pinball (EnjoyUp Games) -34% Fri 22nd Nov
Werewolf Pinball (Enjoy Up Games) -34% Fri 22nd Nov
Submerged (Uppercut Games) -70% Sun 3rd Nov
Dawn of Survivors (WISTONE ENTERTAINMENT) -60% Thu 7th Nov
One Piece: Unlimited World Red - Deluxe Edition (BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment) -60% Sun 3rd Nov
SWORD ART ONLINE: FATAL BULLET Complete Edition (BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment) -32% Sun 3rd Nov
SWORD ART ONLINE: Hollow Realization Deluxe Edition (BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment) -60% Sun 3rd Nov
A Gummy's Life (EP Games) -30% Sun 3rd Nov
Spartan (Sinister Cyclops) -75% Thu 21st Nov
Chicken Range (Funbox Media) £8.99 Permanent
Crash Dummy (Funbox Media) £8.99 Permanent
KILL la KILL - IF (Pqube) £34.99 Permanent
SlabWell: The Quest For Kaktun's Alpaca (Undergames) £6.99 Permanent

DLC / Add-On Content

Nintendo Switch

  • Mary Skelter 2 - Jailbreak Support Goods (Idea Factory)
  • Mary Skelter 2 - Mary Skelter Game Item (Idea Factory)
  • Mary Skelter 2 - Death end re;Quest Job Attire 1 (Idea Factory)
  • Mary Skelter 2 - Death end re;Quest Job Attire 2 (Idea Factory)
  • Mary Skelter 2 - Blood Maidens' Swimsuits (Idea Factory)
  • Block-a-Pix Deluxe: Extra Puzzles Pack 8 (Lightwood Games)
  • Dusk Diver - Angel in white uniform (Pqube)
  • Dusk Diver - News anchor costume (Pqube)
  • Dusk Diver - Welcome Summer! Swimsuits (Pqube)
  • Dusk Diver - Stage Costumes (Pqube)
  • Dusk Diver - Angel in White and News Anchor Costume (Pqube)
  • Into the Dead 2: George A. Romero’s Night of the Living DeadAdd On (Versus Evil)
  • Into the Dead 2: Ghostbusters Add On (Versus Evil)
  • Gal*Gun 2 - DLC Set 1 (Pqube)
  • Gal*Gun 2 - DLC Set 2 (Pqube)
  • Gal*Gun 2 - DLC Set 3 (Pqube)
  • Gal*Gun 2 - DLC Set 4 (Pqube)
  • Gal*Gun 2 - DLC Set 5 (Pqube)
  • Gal*Gun 2 - DLC Set 6 (Pqube)
  • Gal*Gun 2 - DLC Set 7 (Pqube)
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