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  • 24th Oct 2019, $4.49
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About The Game

From the creator of Bedtime Blues and The Childs Sight

"Time for bed sweetheart, it's very late.

But I won't be able to sleep if you are away!

I will be home before you wake up, it's only for one week..."

You try to sleep, but strange things keep happening. Each night you try to explain to your father about these terrifying events. Unfortunately, like most parents, they chalk it up to a child’s imagination and nothing more...

"What if I get scared?

Many parents work the late shift sweetie, it's normal for grown-ups

Dad, you did not answer my question!"

As your cries for help go unanswered the terror becomes more real, and become different as each night goes on. Roam around your bedroom late at night and try to survive what lurks in the corners.

"You will be fine, it's just your imagination. Now, go to bed.

Ok dad"


• Simple controls

• Randomized AI

• Free Roam

• Unlockable modes