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  • US 25th Oct 2019, $9.99
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About The Game

Soul Searching is a narrative survival game where you control a lone traveler who sails from homeland to an endless sea. On the way, you’ll visit different islands, discover stories of their people, and learn about souls and dragons.

At its core, this title is all about surviving in a hostile world as a peaceful traveler. You must deal with hunger, thirst, and energy. You can fish, customize your boats and even cast magic spells. There is no one single correct way to play. Discover every mystery of this world on your own. You might get lost, but it won’t take too long to find your way in the end.

Outside the gameplay, the main goal is to think about your life. Soul Searching conveys feelings that rarely appear in games. It deals with themes like growing up, isolation, search for meaning, and direction. It’s a personal expedition deep into your soul.

Outside the main story, you can try a multiplayer in the random mode where up to 4 players work together on generated maps. More players mean more resources needed to survive - cooperation is vital. Also, there are seven other short stories that experiment with different ideas about gameplay and storytelling. Be sure to check them out; you may find them exciting and innovative.


- Single-player mode with a deep and emotional story.

- Random mode for 1 to 4 players that randomly generates a map and requires players to work together to survive.

- Creatures at sea: dragons, killer whales, and more.

- Many islands, some inhabited with lots of people who have intriguing stories to tell.

- Magic skills that let you survive at sea more easily.

- Player appearance customization.

- A day-and-night cycle that affects the gameplay subtly.

- Bonus short stories with an experimental vibe.