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  • 17th Oct 2019, $7.43
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About The Game

All the excitement of rugby in the palm of your hand!

Enjoy hair-raising scrums and dramatic conversions all through a casual control system!

A whole field awaits on one school desk!

Customize your team with individual player strengths and lead them to victory!

[Practice Game]

Play single player matches with ease!

Seven-a-side or fifteen a side!

Pick up the rules here or through the tutorial!


Take on the national and international sevens tournaments!

Special rivals await at the internationals!

Take on the best of the best to become the new world champions!

[Friendly Game]

Play co-op and PvP matches with up to 4 players!

Work together against quick-thinking NPCs or test your mettle against each other!

Play on a one-of-a-kind field guaranteed to bring out the rugby fan in anyone!

Capsule Kick

Use your points to obtain new items!

Hone your team's skills through a range of obtainable uniforms and power-up items!

[Mini Game]

Go for a sidestep try!

Dart your way past oncoming opponents to get the most points out of a try!

[Team Selection]

It doesn't stop with uniforms and power-ups! Even the individual style of each player can be customized!

Put together a star team to be reckoned with!