Don't give up hope

Sega could be bringing Atlus' games to Europe, it has been revealed.

Atlus' releases were previously released in the Europe by NIS America, but relations between the two were recently terminated, casting doubt on future titles.

However, SVP of commercial publishing John Clark has been speaking to MCV, and claims that Sega - which owns Atlus - is looking into ensuring that European players don't miss out:

We're very interested in bringing all of the group's Japanese content not just to the West, but to Europe in particular. We are always trying to find a way. And that's an on-going process. That's something we are continually assessing and talking to and if there are really strong opportunities to support the Japanese content in Europe, we'll do it.

Hopefully this means forthcoming Atlus games - such as Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse and Etrian Odyssey V - will make their way to Europe.