With the recent winter update v1.6.0 to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players were elated to have new in-game holidays and events to look forward to...

And then, like parents of children who have snuck into the Christmas presents one too many times, Nintendo locked away the holiday events in the closet to prevent us from snooping before it's time.

Those curious, impatient time travelers — whom some publicly deride, but many privately applaud for gathering the information they're too proud to cheat for themselves — have found that skipping ahead to the Toy Day event (or Turkey Day before it happened on 26th November) prior to the actual date of Christmas is unfortunately impossible at this time.

If one were to attempt manipulating the Switch's time and date settings to attend this event early, they would be met with an ordinary, uneventful day in their games. It looks like a further update will need to roll out to enable the event, likely on the day of the holidays, or the day prior (depending on your time zone).

Here are the dates of the in-game scheduled holiday event:

  • Toy Day will occur on Christmas Eve - Thursday, December 24th (however, as you'll undoubtedly have seen floating around online, select items will already begin appearing in Nook's Cranny starting from December 1st, if you truly can't wait)

After the event is added to the game at a later date, you'll be able to travel back in time to experience them again — and, of course, travel forward to subsequent years' holiday events.

However, as with most things in 2020, we'll all need to wait a bit longer to celebrate. At least we know, with any significant Animal Crossing-related intervals, the wait will undoubtedly be worth it.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo's choice to lock holiday events in-game and prevent time traveling? Do you feel this will benefit players' enjoyment of the game, or is it an unnecessary measure? Let us know in the comments below

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