Splatoon 3 Guide - Tips and Hints

S3 Title
Image: Nintendo

Salmon Run

Height of the tide

You will be able to work out the height of the tide for each round by paying attention to the individual animations that play before you begin.

When to use your specials

Specials are a great way to turn the tide (pun intended) in this game mode, so you want to be careful in how you use them.

We recommend saving your specials until round two or three to make sure you can last in the game for as long as possible. You will be granted an extra special if you are surprised by a guest appearance from the King Salmonid, but these are few and far between so should not be at the forefront of your mind when planning your special schedule.

S3 Special
Image: Nintendo

Eggs and Splash Damage

When utilising the newly-introduced egg-throwing mechanic, you create a small amount of splash on impact which can damage the small Salmonids around you. It may not produce the biggest impact, but it is a strong tip to bear in mind.

'This way!' helps guide your team

A handy tip for all game modes, but especially the case in Salmon Run, is the use of the 'This way!' alert. This can not only be useful in alerting your team to the arrival of a Boss Salmonid, but it can also flag the appearance of Golden Eggs — all of which is bound to make your experience of the mode that much easier.

S3 Salmon
Image: Nintendo

Remember your please and Booyahs

The first rule of Salmon Run is to always be polite. Please be sure to give your teammate a 'Booyah' when you are revived, and Squid-bagging as a team upon victory would leave even the biggest etiquette expert with no further advice.

So there you have it, our list of all of the tips and hints we think you will find useful for Splatoon 3. Please do feel free to share more of your own in the comments below and we'll catch you on the battlefield soon!

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