Splatoon 3: All Sunken Scroll Locations
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The Splatoon franchise is rich with in-universe lore and Splatoon 3 is no exception. One of the best ways to learn about all things inkling is to complete the game's single-player story mode, in which you can find Sunken Scrolls — individual pages of a book which come together to provide information about the Splatlands.

There are 24 pages to find in total across the single-player campaign and while you might stumble across some in your navigation of the story's six islands, others are a bit more fiddly to find. You don't need to worry about completing every mission in order to find these either, as the pages are hidden in Alterna — the story's overworld — only.

In this guide, we break down the different locations of the game's 24 Sunken Scrolls, and provide instructions on how to get there.

Happy hunting!

Splatoon 3 Sunken Scroll Locations

This Sunken Scrolls guide is divided into six different locations that you will have to explore throughout the story.

Each entry shows the map location, an in-world screenshot, plus a shot of the opened scroll itself.

Future Utopia Island

Sunken Scroll 1

Despite being the first Scroll, this one requires you to get rid of a lot of Fuzzy Ooze with Smallfry and Power Eggs, so we recommend leaving it until you have done so.

To get the Scroll, complete the island's balloon challenge by popping the green floating target and following its respawns across the island until the Scroll appears upon popping the final balloon.

Sunken Scroll 2

Make your way to the small ledge on the East side of the island which slightly juts out into the sea. You will see the top of a buried beacon sticking out of the snow. Shoot it to find the Scroll.

Sunken Scroll 3

Clear the Ooze just North of the 'Get to Know Alterna' level for 600 Power Eggs. The Scroll can be found beneath.

Sunken Scroll 4

Move slightly South from the location of Scroll two, following the cliff face. Shoot the buried beacon next to the fence to find the Scroll.

Cozy & Safe Factory

Sunken Scroll 5

Follow the path North from the 'Absorbency and You' level before turning right to head up the ramp. Ink and swim up the green shipping crate before using Smallfry on the Ooze opposite. Jump the gap in squid form, then blast the sturdy crate on the right to find the Scroll within.

Sunken Scroll 6

Head North from the 'Ink Conservation Project'. Splat across the green container and up the plank to climb onto the roof. Use Smallfry on the Ooze which can be found via the gap in the fence, then drop down and blast the buried beacon.

Sunken Scroll 7

Complete the Cozy & Safe Factory's balloon challenge found on top of the silo on the East of the island. As previously, ink a lot of ground and remove as much Ooze as possible to make the challenge easier.

Cryogenic Hopetown

Sunken Scroll 8

Remove the Ooze found between the two orange shipping crates on the North of the island. There is a buried beacon beneath containing the Scroll.

Sunken Scroll 9

Use the boost found on top of the orange crate on the South side of the island. Walking around the second boost presented to you, ink and jump onto the next island coming out of the sea. Repeat this process for the next jump to find the buried beacon in which the Scroll is hidden.

Sunken Scroll 10

Complete the first balloon challenge on the island. You cannot ink the ice and it is slow to walk on it, so be sure to make use of the boosts in order to reach each balloon in time. We recommend filling up on ink before boosting so that you don't get caught empty while on the ice.

Sunken Scroll 11

Complete the second balloon challenge. This is a long course around the whole island so be sure to have cleared all Ooze from boost points and be ready to shoot the balloons while in the air.

Landfill Dreamland

Sunken Scroll 12

Find the three piles of Ooze in the middle of the island and use Smallfry on the smallest one to reveal the Scroll beneath.

Sunken Scroll 13

Head to the 'Ink Fast, Hotshot' level and await Smallfry's alert when picking up a reward nearby. Follow your companion to find a hidden beacon containing the Scroll.

Sunken Scroll 14

Clear the Ooze on the opposite side of the bridge to the 'Let's Put a Pin in That' level. The Scroll is within.

Sunken Scroll 15

Complete the balloon challenge. As usual, clear a lot of Ooze and lay down some ink before getting started. The challenge will lead you down the side of the island's submarine - much of which cannot be inked - so shoot a thin line down each side in order to traverse the vehicle quickly enough to get the balloons on the other side.

Eco-Forest Treehills

Sunken Scroll 16

There is a beacon hidden beneath the Ooze between levels 'Uh-Oh! Too Many Snipers!' and 'Making Waves with Splashdowns' on the South side of the island. Clear this and Smallfry will lead you to the spot where you need to ink.

Sunken Scroll 17

Move around and under the pile of containers on the South East side of the island. The wall straight ahead is marked by drawings and Smallfry will alert you to a hidden beacon right in front of it.

Sunken Scroll 18

Complete the balloon challenge next to 'One-Way Ride through Target Town'. Be sure to ink a path along the back of the starting containers as you will need to travel this to keep up with the balloons.

Sunken Scroll 19

Remove the small pile of Ooze next to 'The Upside to Enemy Backsides' to reveal the Scroll.

Sunken Scroll 20

Head to 'A Compulsive Collector's Paradise' and walk around the green container on the North face of the island. Smallfry will alert you to a hidden beacon at the end which contains the Scroll.

Happiness Research Lab

Sunken Scroll 21

Use the Paint Rails to reach the South East island and destroy the sturdy crate on the building's roof to find the Scroll.

Sunken Scroll 22

From the previous Scroll, travel across the connecting bridge, destroying the Ooze to reveal Scroll number 22.

Sunken Scroll 23

Reach the upper floor of the Western island (achieved via a Paint Rail-hopping trip to the small island to the North) and clear the large pile of Ooze for 1,200 Power Eggs to find the Scroll.

Sunken Scroll 24

Complete the final balloon challenge. More so than all previous islands, this one requires you to have activated all paint rails before taking it on as you are going to need to ride them in order to follow the balloons. Shoot all targets while on the rails and use the travelling time in between to refill your ink.

Well there you have it, all 24 Sunken Scrolls and where to find them! These are but one of the collectables in Splatoon 3's single-player campaign, so be sure to check out our guide on the locations of every Alterna Log if you want 100% completion!

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