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Image: Nintendo

Splatoon 3 is finally here and we are all ready to put our previous skills into practice in a brand new franchise entry.

But skills won't be the only thing that we are transferring over between the games, oh no. Did you know that you can make your Splatoon 3 set-up even easier and grab some tasty bonuses while you are at it?

We are talking, of course, about carrying your save data from Splatoon 2 into the new game. In this short guide, we will run you through the simple steps required to get your hands (tentacles?) on some rewards. Trust us, it's easy!

So, What Do You Get For Transferring Splatoon 2 Save Data, Then?

Transferring your old Splatoon 2 save data into Splatoon 3 will grant you three — yes, you read that right, three — Gold Sheldon Licenses, so it is well worth the minimal effort.

Gold Sheldon Licenses are an invaluable asset in your early game. Instead of unlocking weapons as you level up, these rewards will let you unlock weapons instantly, way above your level grade, jumping to the skills that your hard-fought grind has earned.

On top of this, you will have the ability to get into Anarchy Battles straight away, start with a higher rank and get more accurate skill matching.

How To Transfer Your Splatoon 2 Save Data

First, it should be noted that you can only do this when you first start the game:

If you are after your old save data, just follow these steps:

  1. Launch your new game in Splatoon 3 with the same user with Splatoon 2 data
  2. While connected to the internet, enter the Splatoon 3 lobby
  3. Select "Impooort!" when instructed and follow the instructions onscreen

It is worth bearing in mind that this process will not work if your past data is saved to a different user than your new Splatoon 3 file. Be sure to play as the same Switch user if you want to ensure that the transfer is seamless.

It really is as simple as that! Get your save data over for the opportunity to unlock weapons much faster. Happy splatting!

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