Alterna Logs in Archive
Image: Nintendo Life

If you’ve been playing through Splatoon 3’s rather excellent single player campaign Return of the Mammalians, you may have discovered a few entries in the ‘Archive’ tab on your menu called Alterna Logs.

These provide information about what Alterna actually is, as well as a whole heap of lore about the Splatoon universe, so it’s well worth your time gathering them all.

Collecting these is super simple, as for each Site you visit you’ll begin to unlock new logs, but unfortunately they’re all corrupted.

So, how do you unlock Alterna logs, then? You can salvage their delicious data by completing missions in the various Kettles found throughout each site.

Once you complete every Kettle you’ll have an entire log completed, so all you need to do is repeat this for each site and you’ll have all the Alterna Logs at your fingertips!

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