Splatoon 3 Guide - Tips and Hints

Anarchy Battles

Splat Zones

If your enemy is lucky enough to take back one of their zones that your team had so masterfully captured, then they will be subject to a time penalty in the process.

While they are working through this timer, you are given the perfect opportunity to get your specials up, make sure you are ink-ready and come together as a team before rushing in to capture the zone once more. There is no point in haphazardly entering without first taking the time to plan and work the game to your advantage.

Riding the tower

It is a pretty well-known fact that the Tower moves quicker when more players are on it. While this can be something of a double-edged sword (you are sitting ducks to Blasters, Suction Bombs and the like) it is a great way to make a last-minute dash to a checkpoint and keep the game moving.

Make sure the opposing team is away and move the Tower with caution.

S3 Tower
Image: Nintendo

Take in the tunes

While we are up here, a top tip is to take the time to soak in the Tower's tune as you ride. What do you mean this isn't a proper tip? Never pass up the opportunity to vibe out!

Ink Shredder

The shoe-exclusive ability Ink Shredder is invaluable in this game mode. It significantly reduces the amount of time that it takes to pop the Rainmaker's shield which is great for catching some opponents by surprise with a splat, but also good if you are trying to get the Rainmaker in for some quick points.

S3 Rainmaker
Image: Nintendo

Weapon recoil speeds up walking

Walking along paths that cannot be inked is a frustrating waste of time when you have become used to the perks of swimming, especially with the Rainmaker in tow.

Try turning around and shooting in the opposite direction. The recoil from your weapon will send you backwards at a faster speed than walking, helping you to cover more ground at a quicker speed. Now, this can be a risky move — exposing your back with the valuable Rainmaker on it is usually not advised — but in a pinch, every second you spend walking will really count.

Patience is key

Be patient when you are in possession of the Super Clam. It is a good idea to wait until your teammates have grabbed a few clams too so that when you use the Super Clam to open the basket, they can follow and score more points in the process.

S3 Clam
Image: Nintendo

Sharing is caring

There is no need to keep too many clams to yourself. You can see how many clams each of your teammates have and with a quick tap of the A button, you can transfer to spread them around the map and get you all closer to making a Super Clam.

Sneak before making the Super Clam

On the topic of making that Super Clam, gaining the final clam is going to alert the opposing team to your position and make you the target of an oncoming attack.

Therefore, why not try to sneak as close to the basket as you can before grabbing the final clam and getting your points? You can either grab the last clam yourself, or hit your team up with a swift 'This way!' to get them to pass a clam over.

S3 Clamb
Image: Nintendo

Salmon Run Tips...

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