PAC-MAN 99 offers up a fun and interesting twist on the series' usual gameplay, and you can tailor the game to suit your needs thanks to a neat customisation feature.

If you're struggling to toggle between all those pesky Power-Up and Targeting modes, or if you'd rather control Pac-Man using the control stick rather than the D-Pad, you can switch things up to suit your needs. Below, we've listed the basic controls of the game as they're presented to you by default, and show you how to change them to your liking.

PAC-MAN 99 Controls

Here are PAC-MAN 99's default controls:

  • A,B,X,Y - Power-Ups. Toggle between Standard, Speed, Train, and Stronger.
  • Right Stick - Targeting. Toggle between Random, Knockout, Counter and Hunter.
  • D-Pad - Movement. This is how to move Pac-Man around the maze, up, down, left and right.
  • Left Stick - Not in use.
  • L and R buttons - Manual select (Docked). Use this to manually target opponents in docked mode.
  • Touchscreen - Manual select (Handheld). Use this to manually target opponents in handheld mode.

How To Customise PAC-MAN 99's Controls

Pac-Man 99 Controls

If you don't like the default setting and want to change things up, or if a different mapping of controls would suit your personal needs better than how the game handles it straight out of the digital box, here's how to customise the controls.

From the game's main menu, keep scrolling across until you find the 'Setting' option. From there, go down to Button Settings and you'll see the screen shown above.

Now, simply choose each button and decide which in-game feature you'd like to be assigned to it. All done!

This article is part of our complete PAC-MAN 99 guide, which includes beginner tips and tricks, advice on how to use Power-Up options (Standard, Speed, Train, Stronger), how to use Targeting options (Random, Counter, Hunter, Knockout), the game's basic controls and how to customise them, how to play a private match with your friends, and how to acquire and apply new custom themes.

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