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What game/game’s do you want to see get a remaster/remake? To be honest I’m hyped for the monster tale re-release and the klonoa encore games.



I'd like to have the oracle Zelda games get a remaster or remake.

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As someone who got into the Metroid series recently with Dread, I'd love to see the Prime trilogy remastered for Switch with dual analog control. I've tried Metroid Prime on both Gamecube and Wii but neither feels quite right to control for me (not to mention that I don't really touch those consoles anymore either!)

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1. Elder Scrolls Oblivion
2. Fallout 3
3. Fallout New Vegas
4. Castlevania 64


I would like to see remastered versions of Smash 64, Melee and Brawl.

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I would love a Xenosaga remake or remaster by monolithsoft.
Some other Remakes/Remasters i would like to see:

  • Mother series
  • more project zero games
  • maybe an ice climber game (never played those)
  • Donkey Kong 64
    Though a sequel of those would be even better

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The Sims 1 / Bustin' Out

Top 8 Konami's Rhythm games:
1. Dance Dance Revolution
2. Para Para Paradise
3. DrumMania
4. Beatmania IIDX
5. Pop'n Music
6. KeyboardMania
7. Martial Beat

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An HD remake of F-Zero GX for the Switch would be awesome to have. Especially since Nintendo doesn't feel like making a new F-Zero game right now.

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Ristar, both games remade into one package with extra world



The Last Story always intrigued me.



As a Sega fan in the nineties, I would like to see the original Sega Rally and Daytona come to Switch. Now that Ages has been killed off, there is little hope

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Ape Escape, now that I've realized I can't download the old games anywhere. Part of me would also be curious to see them try to remake the Gex games the same way they did for Crash/Spyro.

But mostly I want 2d high quality art remakes of the Mother series and a Xenogears remake with the cut content added back in. Also HD remasters of F Zero GX and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. That would be nice.

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I’d really love a collection of HD remasters of the three original Paper Mario games, but that’s never going to actually happen.

I’d also love a remake of Star Control 2, seeing as they are making the sequel now like 25 years later.



Persona 3 really needs a definitive edition that takes all the improvements from both FES and Portable. I really want to play this game but it's a shame that all current versions are compromised in some way.

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In no particular order:

Super Metroid
Mother 3

EDIT: I should go into a little more detail.
TTYD has aged almost perfectly except for some backtracking issues in my opinion. If they could smooth out those edges it would be a phenomenal enhancement.
Super Metroid is one of my favorite games of all time, however, I think the movement is kinda clunky. If this game could be remade in the MercuryEngine that was used for Dread, that would be a dream come true.
If Melee got a remaster, the movement and basic mechanics should be left untouched. However, I think the game is super janky and a remake would do well to really polish the game up, plus with some Ultimate-level visuals, I don't think they could go wrong.
I don't like RPGs but I LOVE Mother 3. I think the battle system is really unique and fun, plus it offers some stellar music and an emotional story. I think if the game got officially localized, plus maybe a few minor tweaks to the combat system, we could be looking at one of the best RPGs ever made. I already hold it up to that area, and I can't even imagine how cool it would be to get this one fully localized.

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Just some older classics before the big games land this year

Metroid Prime
Super Mario Galaxy 2


The Lost Kingdoms titles on Gamecube deserve to be rereleased because I think they're the best take on the "card RPG" concept.

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Well the biggest thing I want is remakes that aren't just copy/paste jobs. Far too many of them are just graphical upresses that maybe include a token extra features or something. But with more modern games being bigger, more open, and just more feature packed, the remakes tend to feel underwhelming. I want to see remakes make some larger changes to some of the design and features, I want to play these games as they'd be if they were designed today instead of as their were but with an HD coat of paint. I've heard a lot of people raving about FFVII Remake and it sounds like it's doing this so maybe more that, but I'm not a FF fan and I'm not familiar with the game so IDK how much the remake changed.

Anyway, with that in mind, here's what I'd want to see:

-Another Kanto (Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow) remake, but this time one that's more like a BW2-esque sequel instead. Kanto is so horribly lacking in just about every aspect. The original 151, for all of their nostalgia, are a terrible selection of Pokemon and there are many types that are poorly represented, even if you were to throw in every cross gen evolution, Mega Evolution, and regional variant (Ghost, Dragon, Dark, Steel, Fairy, more Fire and Ice types wouldn't hurt either). The region and map design looks like a 5 year old's LEGO set, really flat, really blocky, really lacking in environmental variety, and some of its areas are really short (like, you could walk from Saffron City to Celadon City in about 5 seconds because Rt. 7 is just that short). The story is practically nonexistent, it primarily involves random, unconnected Team Rocket encounters with them just doing bad things for the sake of being bad, and the Pokemon League quest. Similarly, the characters all have no personality, all of them being either glorified punch bags that want to battle you because Pokemon trainers or generic NPCs that just spout one-liners. There's little to no sidequests or extra features, nothing like Contests, Secret Bases, the Battle Frontier. No online features, no regional gadgets with QoL features, I could go on and on with this. The bottom line is that Kanto is sorely lacking in... everything. Every time Kanto shows up you can really feel that it originated on a 1996 handheld game, and that's not really a good thing. It's high time we see what Kanto would look like if it were designed from the ground up in the 2020s.

-Mario Sunshine. I know we just got 3D All Stars, but Sunshine really feels like it could use a complete remake. We all know the issues, too many Blue Coins that are hard to find, need to complete Episode 7 in every world to beat the game. And yes, all of those things are issues that should be fixed, but they can go even further than that. The game looks like it was designed as an open world but the technology wasn't there yet to make it one, the areas are all visible from each other (except for Noki Bay which is in a very remote part of Isle Delfino) and it feels like you should just be able to swim/turbo from one level to another instead of having to enter/exit portals. So just do that. Let you go all over Isle Delfino and explore the levels at your leisure and add a few new ones to fill out the game some more (also make Corona Mountain an actual level instead of a gauntlet to the final boss).

-Super Metroid. Everyone praises this game to high heavens, but frankly it's overrated and contrary to what people believe, it can be improved. First off, Maridia's design is godawful. It's way too linear and there's too little there in terms of powerups. If you really distill Maridia down to what's mandatory there, it's basically just a linear path to Draygon. This is not good Metroidvania design, there should be a little more to do there before fighting Draygon and the whole area could use a complete overhaul. Also, the powerup distribution is really wonky and suffers from what TV Tropes calls Early Installment Weirdness. The Super Missile is like, the 4th powerup you get and feels too early, and the Power Bombs feel too early as well, they're really better as a late game powerup than a mid game powerup. And then the Spring Ball is way too late and should be an early game powerup. Shuffle the powerups around a bit and add in some of the new ones Dread added and this game.

-Metroid Prime. This one is rumored, but from the sounds of things it's more like an HD remaster than a legit remake (so then why bother remaking it instead of just giving us Prime Trilogy?). As amazing as Prime is, that game isn't without its flaws either. Magmoor Caverns and Phazon Mines have similar issues to Maridia. Super linear. Not enough there to do and not enough powerups to collect. They could throw in some Prime 2 and Prime 3 powerups like Seeker Missiles, Screw Attack, and the extra Grapple abilities to pad those areas out.

-Metroid Prime 2. Prime 2 could use a few of the same improvements. It already has the Seeker Missiles and Screw Attack, but they could similarly add in the Grapple abilities to pad out some areas. Ing Hive especially needs it, because you don't really do much there except collect keys and fight Quadraxis, there should be an actual powerup to collect there before you fight it. Also a Dark Ridley battle would be awesome. Lastly, while there's a few rooms they omitted from the Dark World, the entire Dark World equivalent of the Splinter Hives (the area with the zombie GF Troopers at the beginning of the game) is missing. Consider the other areas of Sky Temple Grounds have you go on quite a trek to get their Sky Temple Keys, it'd make sense to move the Sky Temple Key from Accursed Lake into this new section.

-Kirby 64. Kirby 64 stuck to a lot of basic, more elemental copy abilities to support the ability mixing mechanics, but there's been more introduced since that would be great additions to the games such as Leaf and Water (and really I was wondering why the game didn't have a plant based or water based ability in the first place). They also liked to work in some other Kirby characters into the game a bit with Waddle Dee, Adeleine, and King Dedede, and you can play as Dedede in some sections, so why not just let you play 4 player co-op the whole game?

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Give me Paper mario TYD already! thats one remake I would spend 60 bucks on!

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