StarCraft 64
Image: Nintendo

If you cast your mind back to May of last year, you might recall that we were impressed by a fan-made sculpture of Doomguy 'ripping' a destroyed DOOM cartridge in two; well, that sculpture's creator, Nintendo Life community member Zuljaras, has now shared a first look at their latest work, and it has got us feeling all kinds of nostalgic.

Rather than going for the same figure approach, Zuljaras' latest build is much more practical as they transformed their Nintendo 64 console into a StarCraft 64 battlefield, complete with different terrains, bases and Protoss, Zerg and Terran units. All of the models were created by hand using polymer clay and are permanently fused to the console, making it the ultimate StarCraft machine!

We must say, we are once again very impressed. The N64 was prone to having a fair few three-dimensional special editions in its time, but none of them were quite as detailed as this (sorry, Pikachu).

Zuljaras shared some images of the build with us, which you can check out below.

The artist has also created a video showing their sculpting and painting process so that we can get a detailed look at how the piece came together. Now we just wish that we could make something this cool ourselves...

Thank you to Zuljaras for sharing this awesome project with us!

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