Image: Bethesda

Over the last week or so, word has got out that Limited Run Games is requesting a select few users destroy their DOOM cartridges owing to an issue relating to Nintendo Account connections. The company is apparently requesting users "disable" their media and send proof before any replacement copy is sent out, citing "international shipping logistics" as the reasoning.

In its official statement on the network issue, Limited Run Games states that the problem only affects Switch owners whose consoles have never connected to the internet, so this is likely an extremely small fraction of the Switch's user base. The company's standard solution was to request users ship any affected products back, however it seems in these extreme cases, this may not have been possible.

As per the company's policy, games produced by Limited Run Games will not see any reprints. As such, their requests for users to return or destroy affected cartridges is to ensure the product does not end up in the second hand market.

One user (our own Nintendo Life community member Zuljaras) has concocted a rather unique way to display their own destroyed DOOM cartridge, and we absolutely love it. Using polymer clay and a reference image of Doomguy, Zuljaras has created a remarkable sculpture depicting Doomguy ripping the cartridge apart, "guts" spilling from its plastic carcass - lovely.

Doom 2

Zuljaras has also kindly shared a 'Making Of' video via YouTube of the entire process, which you can check out below. It's making us wish we had even half the level of artistic flair!

Many thanks to Zuljaras for sharing this creation. What do you think, dear readers? Share your thoughts in the comments below.