Image: Amora Bettany / Lena Raine

We've all been witness to the rise of "Ten Hour Versions" on YouTube, and while many of us may have scoffed — who wants ten hours of something that isn't either sleep or a Lord of the Rings marathon? — I will say that I have actually listened to some of them for way longer than I would like to admit.

Except I will admit it, right now, because I'm writing this piece.

Of all the songs to listen to for hours on end, for me, it was Kirby's Dream Land. Specifically, this video:

Kirby's Dream Land is chaotic, loud, and kind of a lot to listen to once, let alone over and over again for ten hours. But somehow, it works. Obviously, it's an absolute bop, but it sort of blends into a general vibe of YOU HAVE TO WORK REALLY HARD AND FAST. I'll end up writing like my hands have been possessed by the ghost of an angry typewriter, and dancing along furiously.

The Tetris theme is also really good for this, especially because you can make up lyrics to it — my current go-to words to sing along are "it's time for Tetris, it's time to play Tetris, it's time for Tetris, Tetris time." I'm not a lyricist, don't come for me.

But on the opposite side of things, there's also ten-hour versions of music for chilling the heck out. This jazzed-up version of Godot's theme from Ace Attorney, 'The Fragrance of Dark Coffee', plus the sounds of a distant thunderstorm, is excellent for having on while you work or while you sleep (or anything in-between). It feels like you've set up your laptop in a cosy bar where the drinks cost $20 each, but they go down smooooth. I've personally never enjoyed coffee, but if it tastes like this sounds, maybe it's time I try harder.

Of course video game music is brilliant for non-stop loops, because it's designed to loop, and to be listened to for hours on end. I don't think I could listen to Bohemian Rhapsody for an hour straight, let alone ten — but thankfully, no one's asking me to.

If you had to pick one video game song (a single song, not a soundtrack; that's cheating) to listen to for ten hours — what would you choose?

Use the poll below to tell us the ~vibe~ you'd go for, and tell us in the comments what your choice is!

Which vibe would you want for a ten-hour video game song?