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Mega Man 6 Review

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Let battle commence. Awooga!

Arriving on the same day as Mega Man 5 on the Wii U Virtual Console, Capcom has decided to grace us with the final NES entry to wrap up that era of the franchise. Released in 1993, when the SNES was already out and Mega Man X was on the verge of release, Capcom just couldn't let itself say goodbye to the NES and made one last 8-bit Mega Man game for the beloved system. Mega Man 6 was released so late into the system's life that the company decided to not even publish the game in Europe — it wasn't until last year that Europeans finally got to play the game officially through the 3DS Virtual Console.

Similar to those in the previous two games, the villain appears to be someone different than Dr. Wily. The mysterious Mr. X — who has suspiciously Wily-like hair but is totally not Dr. Wily — has hosted a tournament to decide on the strongest robots in the world, and unsurprisingly he's taken the eight strongest ones and reprogrammed them to do his bidding; it's once again up to Mega Man to save the world.

If you expected any major gameplay changes here, you're likely to be disappointed — eight Robot Masters, eight stages, you can tackle them in any order, beating a boss gets you their weapon which is another's weakness, and after beating all of them you must fight through a number of castle stages to reach the final boss and beat the game; it's all as before.

As you might expect, Mega Man's additional moves from Mega Man 3 and Mega Man 4 — the slide and charge shot — return once again for this game, and he gains another tool as well. Although Mega Man 5 didn't really add anything new, this sixth entry does, the biggest of which is sets of armour — called Rush Adaptors — which basically allow Mega Man to fuse with Rush into new forms.

The two adaptors available are Jet, which allows Mega Man to hover/fly short distances, and Power, which allows Mega Man to throw very strong close range punches that can be charged. While Jet is practically a Rush Jet/Coil replacement and Power might as well have been a Robot Master weapon, these new forms are fairly fun to use and can spice things up a bit.

Another new feature this time around are stages with alternate paths, allowing you to see around three or four different screens, if you so desire. While this is a cool idea that we would've expected to happen much earlier in the series, unfortunately you won't really notice this feature much until you get to the later half of the game — only two of the Robot Master stages have them, while over half of the castle stages do.

The stages and especially the boss fights are quite easy this time around, with the notable exception of Plant Man's stage, which has an incredibly annoying section with springs, pits and plenty of enemies near the end. Unfortunately, the one tool that would make this part a lot easier, the Jet Adaptor, just so happens to be the reward for clearing the very same stage it's useful in, which means you'll just have to tough it out without it; thankfully, save states should make this section a lot more bearable. An interesting tidbit about the Robot Masters this time around is that this is the only game to have some designed by development team members outside of Japan — Knight Man and Wind Man were both designed by North Americans.

As expected of a NES game released in 1993, Mega Man 6 has some of the best graphics of the series thus far. It obviously still has the same general look as the previous five games, but the stages just have a tiny little bit more detail this time. The soundtrack, while not the strongest the series has to offer, is still up there, with Tomahawk Man, Flame Man and Mr. X's castle having some of the stand-out tunes.


Like Mega Man 5, for the most part, Mega Man 6 plays it relatively safe. It once again follows the same basic idea of eight Robot Master stages followed by castle stages, it doesn't really add any big new gameplay features, and the level design (save for Plant Man's stage), music and everything else are all pretty good. Capcom didn't really go out with a bang with this final NES Mega Man game, but did create yet another enjoyable entry in the series.

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MonocledMetroid said:

Just in case anyone here doesn't know, the springs in Plant Man's stage don't propel you to random heights, holding the jump button while landing on the springs is what makes you go higher.



Esiwlwo said:

Excited to play through this one, for the first time! Missed out, back in the day.

I was overly mind-blown by the SNES, and didn't look back to NES till later in life.



Geonjaha said:

The only Mega Man classic game where they perfected Rush's abilities though - honestly its a huge improvement. Plus, by now the graphics are very good. I'd definitely recommend it.



ricklongo said:

The entire NES Mega Man series is enjoyable, but this one, along with the very first game, are at the bottom in my opinion. The new Rush adaptors were pretty interesting though, and the chiptune music is great as always.



WaveBoy said:

I'd give it a 6. Uninspired, bland all around, music is mostly forgettable, it has the worst selection of robot masters that nobody cares about in the entire classic series(Ok, Centaur man is an exception!) it's far too easy(Finished it without any effort whatsoever) and it lacks the magic and quality of MM1 & 2.

8-bit NES mega man did NOT go out with the bang. The series reached it's stale point the moment 4 came out, at least that's how i felt back in the day. 4-6(Which over saturated 8-bit mega man) should of never existed, MM7 should of been the Mega Man 4.

But back to MM6, i enjoyed using the Rush Jet, Centaur Man was a very unique robot master and i love the music for his stage as well.
That's about it in a nut shell. I could of done without 6, yet i spent almost $60 to get the Cart off eBay. money well wasted!



Pichuka97 said:

This review seems to copy most of what was said in the 3DS version review. Just saying. This is a very good game though.



Dr_Corndog said:

I honestly thought this one was a big step up from 4 and 5.

I remember seeing this game in Wal-Mart when I was a kid, in the waning days of the NES. Of course, I had no way of knowing then that it'd end up being worth quite a bit of change in the future.



Rargh said:

Thought this was a lot better than four and five, some lame looking robot masters perhaps but still more memorable than the previous game



Retro_on_theGo said:

Yeah I don't see the dislike for 6. It's better than 4 and 5 in my opinion with Rush's abilities being at their best since his introduction.



Gridatttack said:

One of the best NES MM games. Haters gonna hate :3

Graphics are awesome. I always hated the lame solid colors BG of the original games.

And the international robot master theme is pretty cool.



knvx said:

When is the Wii U or 3ds getting MegaMan 9 and 10. I have been waiting forever. I'm not buying them on Wii.
Mega Man 6 is a total joy to play. Of course the "hipsters in denial" that follow the youtubers blindly will tell u "duhrg, Mega Man 2, DUHRG!". But u have to play this one for itself. Its tuffer than 2 but easier than 3. A insanely fun game! Playing with the Rush Power adapter is the bomb show!



Mrclaycoat said:

What's odd about this score is that I remember (if memory serves me correctly) that Nintendo power themselves didn't think too highly of the game upon arrival. Funny how it's 15 years later or so and now the score has improved.



SparkOfSpirit said:

This game is so dull. I remember Plant Man's stage as being the only memorable one, too.

It's not my least favorite of the first six (that would be 4), but it's fairly boring overall.



knvx said:

@WaveBoy U must have been playing a different game. I know the feeling. Someone swapped the innards of my Mortal Kombat 4 with Cruising USA 64. U talk about pissed.
Mega Man 2 has the lamest robot masters followed by 5. The music is awesome as well only trailing 3 and the original. Its been my experience folks that claim not to like this game are the same kind of folks that can only liked Agitha from twilight princess as well as the transvestite clowns. Hitting the nail on the head?
Its a shame that youtubers, while entertaining, have total mind control on a big part of the gaming community. Might as well watch Rachel Madow.
Yea 6 was pretty easy but its a blast playing with the Rush Power Adapter. The robot masters are all really unique too. Except for flame man. Tomahawk's weapon > Metal Man's.



WaveBoy said:


"Mega Man 2 has the lamest robot masters followed by 5"

Stopped reading right there. They are the most iconic, aside from the originals RM line up. Honestly, i didn't even really enjoy 3 back during it's release and that's hailed as even being better than 2 by many Mega man fanatics. So much for your hipster analogy. then again, 'hipsters' tend to go against the crowd. So in this case by your perception you're the hipster for liking mega man 6 which is typically slammed by the majority of MegaZoids

Look, I don't care about being trendy, if i enjoyed or hated the game than i'll say it like it is. 2, 1, 9 and Mega Man & Bass are the cream of the of classic MM crop imo. 4 is a bit underrated, 5 was B-L-A-N-D not to mention it was when Mega Man lost the series classic touch, and 6 was just average....for me, it just felt rushed, offered zero challenge(mega man 2 was actually much harder....Quick man, heat man's stage without rush jet, wily's fortress bosses ect). The only stage that posed any sort of challenge was plant man's, even then....pfff.

BTW, 2 was absolutely amazing during it's release in the late 80's(I have no idea how old you are, but if you played it during the time you'd know what i'm talking about), the same could be said about the original. But yeah, i guess i'm ze' ultra hipster for dislking 3. Meanwhile, 8 gets a bad rap as well, but i actually thought it was pretty decent.....Terrible cutscenes+Voice acting and weird Japaense elevator sauna bubble gum tunes aside



knvx said:

I grew up with 3 but let's just agree that MegaMan and Bass are the BOMBSHOW!



WaveBoy said:


I started out with 1, then played 2 3-4 months afterwards when it was hot off the shelves. the original blew me away, it was groundbreaking, but 2...Man, 2 was just magic...It was so epic, up beat, colorful, flat out beautiful, the robot masters were superb and the soundtrack was incredible. By the time 3 came out i'll admit....i felt a little mega man'd out.

It's good game and all. The controls are quicker and more zippity than 2's, the latter climbing is faster, the boss battles are more polished pattern wise and it has a slew of great tracks. But it's darker tone, stages and majority of tunes didn't gel with me. I'm in the minority i know.

MM&Bass definitely -was_ the B-Bomb. I think it's safe to say that it's the hardest mega man ever, followed by 10. BTW, i disliked 10, but 9....holy moly he-man, thee' best mega man since 2.

Also, if you missed out on 2 back during it's release and played the later releases before hand like MM3, i can understand why you dislike certain things about it. Anybody starting out with MM, should start from the beginning....Going from 1 - 2 is night and day, and you will appreciate ALL the improvements.

Classic 8-bit NES MM >

2 > 1 > 3 > >>>>>>>>>>>>> 4 > 5 > 6



Gorlokk said:

Mega Man 6 is one of my favorites, actually.

If we're doing rankings, I'd go
2 = 3 > 6 > 4 > 1
I haven't played 5, but you know, I think I might now that it's on the Wii U vc.



WaveBoy said:


You'd be better of playing Mega man 'V' on the 3DS's virtual console.
Once you get past the lifeless black and white visuals you'll be in for one mega fun ride.



Zeldalover said:

Mega Man 3 is everything for me. It just improved on the Classic formula like no other installment ever did. Had the coolest additions (Slide ability, Rush Jet and Proto Man), best length, challenge and the music is definitely right up there with MM2's. And the challenge is fair once you give it a shot (that's after you pay some attention to the level designs and beat it at least once).

Heck, I even like it more than the first Mega Man X that came out in '93 (like MM6).



MrL1193 said:

MM6 wasn't the first game to feature stages with diverging paths; the thing that was actually new was that you could fight certain Robot Masters in one of two different locations and beating the Robot Master in the "hidden" location would give you a Beat part in addition to the usual weapon.



MegaStoneSmash91 said:

I've always enjoyed this one. It has some good tunes and the Rush Adaptors are fun to mess with. It also has better Special Weapons than 5, but there are still a couple duds. I've never understood the hate for the Robot Masters, though. What's wrong with them exactly? I look at them and don't see anything bad. Them being based on different nationalities is also pretty neat.



SKTTR said:

Mega Man 1-6. What's the difference? Not much!
Which game is better? None, they're all the same except for minor changes like music, stage layout, boss names, weapons, and sometimes additional moves,
Why does one prefer 1 or 2 and another 3 or 4 or 5 or 6? It's the game they grew up with.



Zeldalover said:

yeah, the last two Mega Man games on the Game Boy were good. I personally like MM IV a bit more than V. The Mega Arm had a short range, the weapons (although new) weren't very impressive and the music doesn't compare to the GB versions for the MM 4 & 5 themes that were on MM IV.



RaphaBoss said:

7/10 ? Too underrated. I really liked the new Rush adapters. There wasn't much to inprove since Megamon 4 anyway.

Mediocore review.



Gingadreadman said:

One of the best Mega Man games of all time! The Robot masters were based on different nationalities which was awesome, Rush adaptors were fun, great music and most importantly amazing gameplay. I loved this game but I think 7/10 is an underrated score. 10/10 in my opinion.



speedyboris said:

This is perhaps the most underrated Mega Man title ever. It actually added more to the series than 5 did, and all the stages had unique presentations.



OJTheViking said:

The part about the alternate paths ... while it is true that the only two of the robot master stages themselves split up in different paths, there are, technically speaking, four robot master stages where a choice has to be made, as there are two boss battle areas at the end of each of these stages; one where you battle a "fake" robot master, and one where you battle the "real" one.

You get the robot master's ability either way no matter if you fight the "real" or the "fake" one, but the difference is that you get a Beat-part from the "real" one (the different parts being B, E, A and T).

Maybe I'm nitpicking, but I thought it should be mentioned.



Curly_Brace said:

"Wii U eShop Release Date:
24th Jul 2014, $3.49 (USA)
14th May 2014, ¥500 (JPN)
21st Aug 2014, $4.99 (USA)"
I'm a little confused

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