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United Kingdom

Mon 4th Mar 2013

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Rargh commented on Nintendo 64x64: Chameleon Twist:

Wow- almost forgot about this game completely. Rented it back in the day from ritz over a weekend during the early days of the n64. Wasn't a bad little game but nothing terribly special...



Rargh commented on Nintendo 64x64: Bomberman 64:

Man, I absolutely adored Bomberman 64. Memorable soundtrack, silly but enjoyable plot and wow, I getting all those gold cards was brutal. Wish I still had my original copy.



Rargh commented on Review: Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land (Wii U ...:

Found this one a bit disappointing back in the day- nowhere near as good as the nes original (and the 3DS classics version is even better than that) not a terrible game by any means, just an underwhelming remake for me...